Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Week

    This week was pretty fun, Christmas was relaxing and a good break but im excited to get back and work!
     For Christmas Eve we went to our Bishop's house for family dinner there were so many people it was fun! We ate and then they had a talent show, Elder Duano played a song on his guitar and I was the back up singer hahahahah. It was good to be around a big family made it feel like home. After the Christmas Party we slept over at our zone leaders for Christmas the next morning. It was fun to open gifts with them. After that we all went over to the Johnson's House across the street from our apt. and had breakfast and FACE TIMED the fam! I was so happy to see my family and talk to them they are doing awesome. Best Christmas present ever!
     This week was kinda hard because people had the Holidays as an excuse for canceling. But we were still able to reach our goal for 8 member present lessons. We were happy to get back to work after Christmas we felt less productive. There were some miracles with our investigators. One of the Investigators were teaching had a really hard time wanting to come to church but he expressed his desire to go this week when we saw him! Another Miracle is Fabians family! we have been able to go and teach his mom and sister even when he wasnt there. His mom is so open now and she is understanding more and more we are so happy for their family we hope that they will all be baptised and be sealed in the temple. There's nothing more that makes my heart full than seeing a family progress to baptism and to have a goal to go to the temple to be sealed for all of time and eternity.
    This week we got transfer calls.... Elder Duano is moving to Idaho Falls:(  I'm leading the  area now and my new companion is Elder Dunlap. Im gunna miss Elder Duano, he was such an awesome trainer. But I'm excited to lead and to learn. I know that as long as I work hard and go out and DO, the Lord will bless us in our lessons. I know that having the responsibility to lead will help me grow and learn to rely on the Lord every second. I am excited to learn and improve. I know that this experience will help me to be a better missionary and to help me reach my personal goals.
    Improving is one of the lessons and qualities that I've loved since I've been on a mission.  I love the whole idea of learning and growing.That through the Saviors atonement I am able to be better each week as I take the sacrament. I am grateful for His love that He gives me. That He made it possible for all of us to reach the potential our Heavenly Father knows we can and will achieve. I know my mission will strengthen my foundation in the gospel for the rest of my life. I am so excited to be able to live my life as a disciple of his son Jesus Christ in all that I do.
    I am honored and so privileged to be a servant of the Lord while I am in my youth. I know that the Lord didn't need me to be a missionary but he allowed me to. Because of Him I am worthy to receive all the personal blessings from serving a mission because He loves me. I know that what I am learning now will benefit my future family for Eternity. "Thank yous" will never show my gratitude for the Lord and all he has done for me. I know that all I can do now is work as hard as I can and be the best missionary I can be to show only a portion of thanks to my Father in Heaven.
Elder Soren

                                                             Ward Christmas Party

                                                      Shoveling snow with the district

                                                     The Gibsons Christmas EVE 

                                                                       the Johnsons


Christmas miracles

      I know my last couple emails have been pretty junk, not as positive, and me just telling my trials. But I have learned and grown so much from all those experiences. I am so blessed that the Lord put trials in my life so that I could learn from them and become a stronger servant of the Lord. There is Sunlight in the Set backs.
      We have been sharing a message about Jesus when he was a child in Luke 2 the last 12 verses of the chapter gives the only account in the whole Bible of Christ when he was a child. From these 12 verses, I myself have learned so much about the Savior and what kind of person he was and will always be. That He needed to grow and learn as all of us do. That even as a child He knew He was the son of our Heavenly Father. That he had to fulfill the Lords will he had for him. He had to learn step by step untill he was ready to perform his purpose as our Savior and Redeemer. He had to go through literally EVERYTHING we will go through in this life to be ready, to grow, and make the atoning sacrifice he did. We have to learn step by step, line upon line, precept upon precept, following his example that we may one day become like him.
       One of the things that I've learned is that improving ourselves is one of the reasons why He sacrificed himself for us. That through the Atonement we may overcome our weaknesses and stand a little taller each time we fall. That when we rely on him in the times we are in the dumps he will deliver us. When we have no where else to turn, when we fall to the ground in sorrow, he will take our hands, ever so gently pick us up, dust off our clothes, pat us on the back, smile and walk beside us on the straight and narrow to the Gates of Heaven. He is there, He will never leave our side.
        This is what I love most about Christmas time that there is a Holiday that is focused on our Savior. That His spirit fills the season as we celebrate His birth.
        We have had miracles this week. Christmas miracles. With my new focus on the work and my desire to more fully put ALL of my attention on the Lord and his will for me as a disciple of Christ, we have seen fruits of our labor. We had 14 member present lessons this week. We set 4 baptismal dates. We contacted 9 refferals (big deal in our area). We now have 9 investigators with baptismal dates.  Last week we were struggling to have lessons and everyone was canceling on us. This week we were able to go forward with faith, work hard, and we were blessed. The numbers don't really matter, its the people. Talk about meeting amazing people on your mission. The People we set on date, Families who are open to hearing about the gospel, living righteous lives, and wanting to be eternal families. My heart has nothing but love for them.
 I have a strong testimony that the Lord truly does bless families. That the gospel is centered around families. That it is the only way we are able to be receive exaltation. I know that the Lord really has people prepared to hear our testimonies and to hear the message of the restored gospel. I know that EVERY trial we have is for our benefit. That Christ is always by our side helping us through our trials. Helping us every STEP we take on the straight and narrow path. That He himself provided for us. That we may learn and grow from each setback. I know he Loves me. I know he Loves you. Always turn to him For he is the way.
Cant wait to Skype on Christmas!!!!

Love you, miss you, miss the waves, the aina, enjoy Christmas in paradise as I eat snow for breakfast, lunch and dinner ;)
Much Love
Elder Soren<3

                                Sister Ockey before she left to serve in Argentina

                               Sister Narwood at the christmas party! we love visiting her


Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 11

This week has been good! our area is starting to progress more and we have 6 people on date! there have been so many miracles with our investigators and the new investigators we have now. Like every week we have our struggles, people canceling appointments and our investigators are starting to have trials before their baptism so please pray for them! We need all the prayers we can get!
   There have been so many blessings that we have received and the work is picking up again! we are happy that we are able to have more lessons during the week. we have seen the fruits from our labors now and were glad we can have more work!thats the cool thing about the mission... You want WORK. Kinda funny thinking about young adults praying for work, usually we have to work, find jobs that we dont like, or are annoyed with. But the mission teachers us to work hard. Because we know the Eternal outcome of hard work we are motivated to find all the work we can get. Which will help us prepare for when we come home, knowing we need to start working, to one day to provide for a family. Our Eternal Families. haha I can't wait to come home and get 2 Jobs plus Soren Hawaii. Sounds crazy but right now thats all i wanna do, use my time wisely and be productive.
    I have had a trial this week that helped me re-establish my purpose as a missionary and whats important. I was on exchanges for my birthday last week. I was on exchanges this week for 2 days and missed our wards christmas parties. I was super bummed out all day. but then i thought about why i am on a mission. To go to christmas parties, have fun with members, and eat food? no im here to preach the gospel and fulfill the Lords work. I learned that there is one thing thats the most important priority on a mission. To bring others to baptism, and all that follows. I know that i need to work harder and that my focus is not on the other things of the mission but the most important. Only reason we are on a mission, to bring others unto Christ.
    I am so excited for this up comming week, to be able to go forward with my new focus and desire to work. I know, that even in the mission it takes time and trials to grow and to become a better person and a better missionary.
   I am so happy to be able to have the Lord by my side to help me with my trials. I am grateful for His atonement, how we are able to progress and improve each day to be more like him.

Elder Soren

our favorite pug dog named NELLIE 

Me and Sister Ockey! She leaves tomorrow to Argentina

At Zone Conference with Sister Gale and Sister Riding

the Elders in the district

Monday, December 9, 2013


This week has been so good! its only -3 degrees today nbd.... hahhaha. We have been getting so much work and were excited! the members are such a big help. They have been giving us more and more refferals since the Hastening of the work! Members and missionaries working together, missionaries helping with members with the members missionary work. its been so awesome! If you know the missionaries that serve in your ward they need your help! give um refferals ride, feed um, what ever! i love the members they are so supportive here and it really makes out lives a little easier. I know everyone seems to be so busy with their own needs but I know that when you help the missionaries you not only help them and their investigators, but the Lord will bless you and your families more than you know for assisting in his work. Try it!
   We had some wonderful lessons this week with Lisa.  She has a baptism date for Dec 27th  pray for her! She is the sweetest lady ever! We taught her the Plan of salvation this week.  Half way through the lesson, tears were rolling down her cheeks. Being a widow, knowing she can be sealed with her husband touched her heart and brought re-assurance to her soul. My heart was full. I know that we will all see our family once again and Im thankful to be able to share that message to those who have lost their loved ones. They comfort they feel is like no other. Only in this gospel can we be bound on earth and in heaven for all eternity. My testimony of the Plan of Salvation is so strong. I know it to be true.
  Friends always ask if i meet amazing people. I have, they are those not of great stature or popularity, but of humble and lowly hearts with the desire to grow closer to their Father in Heaven. Brother & Sister Chapel had us over for dinner.  It was one of the most heart warming dinners I've had. Sister Chapel is a Native American woman in a wheel chair with glaucoma and is swollen from head to toe. She ordered us pizza hut because she couldnt cook.  As we ate, she shared with us her situation having to go to dialisis 3 times a week and sleeping sitting up because of her condition. Although her situation was one of the most depressing things I've heard, her positivity and love for the savior was more than I have ever seen in someone, ever some of the most active members.  She knew the Lord would take care of her and bless their family.   As her  husband made us mashed potatoes she would yell "YOU GO JACK!" with a huge smile on her face as her "hero" as she calls him fixed us up some extras.  I was so humbled from this experience, I have truly met some amazing people on my mission and it has only been 2 1/2 months.
 Now for something not so depressing haha, MY BIRTHDAYYYY haha finnally 19 holy cow im so young. But I can't believe I'm already 19 and then 20 wowow i feel like its only been a few years since i dressed up tom the cat in my clothes.  When I was still watching dragon ball z on the weekends with liko and levi. Time really does fly but i hope my mission lasts forever. Sadly it wont but it doesn't have to stop when i get home:). We were on exchanges on my birthday it was so scary cuz I was leading the area for my first time but it was a wonderful learning experience.  We had a bbq with the elders in my district at grandmas it was so fun. the next day is when i got my packages from home, made me feel like i was in hawaii for a day, listening to Bradda IZ, listening to all the birthday wishes on the recording tape picturing all your smiling faces. made me feel like i was at aunty nikkis for a bday bbq hahaha loved it, thank you all so much! didnt feel any different than being back at home.

bday bbq - made me feel like i was at zippys with the teryaki spam and fried chicken! i miss zippys

 Although i missed everyone of you, missed my home,  I am now feeling like Idaho is home. I deffinantley could live here for the next 2 years. i love the people i love the wards. Best of all I LOVE THE SNOWWWWWWW. SOSOOSOSOSOOO fun snow everywhere! It's so beautiful i love walking in it and throwing it everywhere. i love the snow i hope it stays till summer!!!!
Elder Duano is the Pirate missionary he has pink eye and wears an eye patch hahahahaha

love you miss you
Elder Soren

                                                                      snow surfin!

Giving Thanks and the Book of Mormom

This week has been pretty good, kinda slow since the holidays but we had an awesome Thanks giving.  We ate at the Barelas house it was so fun, it reminded me of home because it wasn't a traditional sit down and eat everyone was every where and loud and fun. They always have us over for dinner and help us with missionary work. I am grateful for their family and for taking care of me and Elder Duano.  
This week has been wonderful, the holidays are here and the people are so friendly. Although everyone is busy with their families we still were able to fit some lessons in. We were able to set one of our investigators with a baptismal date.  He is so solid. the rest of his family are members his wife and 3 daughters. The lesson we had with him after they fed us dinner was so amazing, the spirit was so strong. He received it so well and his desire to know more is awesome.
 One thing that touched my heart was when we were giving the lesson they only had 1 Book of Mormon for the family and I had one so I gave it to one of his daughters to use. After the meeting finished she handed it back, but I told her to keep it. The look in her eyes was so heart warming. She was so happy. She said "Can i really keep this?" I said yes of course! She then followed with multiple sincere thank yous as we left. I was so happy to be able to simply give a 12 year old girl a Book of Mormon and to see how much joy came to her. Her eyes looked like she had received the present at the top of her Christmas list. It's not always the huge miracles like baptism or having a golden investigator that makes us happy. But the small and simple sweet moments that prick your heart and help you realize how wonderful this gospel is and how happy it makes someone.
I've been having a little bit of a hard time because idk for some reason I've been frustrated or discouraged. I think its the cold hahah. but I prayed to my Heavenly Father for guidance and comfort and He told me what I must do. To keep going forward with faith, trusting in the Lord and knowing he is with us and we remain obedient to our mission rules.
 I am so happy to be able to experience the lives of others. To see the joy in the eyes of those who accept the fullness of the gospel. I am so thankful for this opportunity to serve. I am thankful for our Heavenly Father. Im thankful for our Saviour and his continous atonement. I am thankful for my Family my friends and everyone that supports me on my mission.
We need your help, pray for our families and those we are working with. They need all the aloha from our little island.
I love you and miss you
Elder Soren

                              Brother Aki had us over for dinner he used to surf with my dad

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2 months down, 22 to go!


          This week was a bit slower were trying to find more people to teach. We were able to commit 2  people to baptism this week at a church tour. Church tours are awesome it helps those we take feel the spirit of the chapel without all the crying babies haha. We have a strong testimony of church tours. But since we baptised Fabian it got slower to were trying to keep busy but its good. Me and my Comp Elder Duano are like brothers we didnt want to be seperated at this last transfer and when we found out we were staying we were happy.
       I found that one of my favorite days of the week is Sunday. I love going to sacrement meeting and being in the chapel for 3 wards haha. I remember when i couldnt even handle 1 hour of sacrament now i go to 6 hours every sunday haha but i love it. its so relaxing being able to listen to hymns and people speak and just sit back and feel the spirit.
        Its sooooo cold i cant handle sometimes! its only like 20 degrees and  I freeeeze! Somtimes i do push ups on the side of the street to get some body heat hahah but i thought my fingers were gunna fall off the other night!
       My Testimony has grown so much these past few weeks and my personal conversion is getting stronger as well. ive been trying to work harder and be more obedient. Ive accepted my life as a missionary for the next 2 years. Battling with my old self and feeling more like this is a trip that l'll be going home soon or something but now ive adjusted and know that this is my life, and i love my life! i love learning and reading. studying the scriptures is my favorite thing i wish i had 3 hours of personal study everyday but we only get 1:( i feel like college will be easy after developing good study habits and searching for the meaning of symbols in the scriptures!
      My heart is always filled with so much joy when I take the time to listen to the spirit in all that i do. I found that actually living the gospel every minute is how we can all be so happy. It's like the secret to life haha its crazy to think about how people seem so unhappy sometimes and its right infront of them especially members too! being a missionry has taught me so much and i am so blessed to be able to share the secret to life with others.
  I've been learning about personal revelation in my studies and ive been working harder to develop a stronger relationship with the spirit. In doing so, i see how important "personal reveloation" is for everyone. We pray to speak to our Heavenly Father. When we read the scriptures He speaks to us. When we read the scriptures and apply our specific situation to the teachings he reveals his truths and answers to our prayers. He guides us through the scriptures. i feel like if anyone asked me what should i do about this or that easy, pray and read the scriptures. I have a testimony that when we ask and read that Heavenly Father answers those questions and we receive so much joy and happiness.
i love being a missionary and i am so happy to hear about all those who are geting their calls around the world especially my friends. To be able to embark on this wonderful happy journey spreading the gospel and helping bring families into eternal happiness.
love you miss you
Elder Soren

                              Some other Elders had Musubis and they shared with us.
                                                         SO happy :)

Knocked on the wrong door?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Baptism of Fabian

      This week has been pretty good trying to keep busy. Weve been working with the members a lot and we have been seeing the work grow in our area. Since conference and the hastening of the work, we've been pushing member missionary work and how they can help. Its been amazing to see how much the wards are helping now and we've been getting alot busier.
Its the end of transfers this week and me and Elder Duano are staying togeather in our area! Im so excited I didn't want to change companions. He is called as district leader, so were gonna be busy this next 6 weeks! Im excited for him and us as companions. We've been getting along so well and were motivated to do our best to be good examples for our district!
  Last night we had a baptism for Fabian. Its so wonderful to see him grow and to see him share his testimony at the baptism, it blew my mind. His conversion is solid and he is such a great guy. Only being 15 and now the only LDS member in his family. His brave example will help his family and he wants to show them the light that he has felt.  It's so awesome! One of the best part of missionary work is seeing others testimony grow and grow and to see their conversion. It warms my heart to know that i was able to help someone see the light and help them understand the gospel. I am so glad to be a missionary.

 I've kinda been homesick I guess, if you could call it that. Im not depressed or anything  hahaha I just always think about the beach and surfing and being with my sisters. But I've been looking for examples in the Book of Mormon to help me out. Like Alma the younger that just got home from teaching the Zoramites, stayed for only a little bit, then went back to teach the city of Melek and the City of Ammonihah (i think that was the city).  But just seeing that he constantly was going on missions not only for 2 years but much longer. Also Lehi when he left his gold his silver and the land of his inhertiance to obey the Lords commandments. I applied that to my life and how I left my family (my gold) the beach (my silver) and the land of my inheritance to serve the Lord! because like the sons of mosiah saw that every life was precious and they didnt want any to perish. This has helped me alot and I am not home sick at all!

I love being a missionary and sharing the gospel and seeing the spirit work in others and helping them see the light. There is no happier thing on this earth than living the gospel. The joy that comes from it is just so wonderful and so pure. Thats what I want others to see how happy the gospel makes someone and how it blesses families. I'm so happy to be a missionary.
miss you all
Elder Soren
XOXOOXxoxoOXoxOXoxOXo(beeg hug) (leeto hugg)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Stomach Flu - Week 7


this week has been alright nothing too exciting just fulfilling the Lords work n all, ha nah its been pretty good just visiting a buncha families and people!
One of the things ive learned this week is to have faith that our Heavenly Father will deliver you. I got a stomach flu Saturdaynight and I was back n forth to the bathroom all night. pretty miserable. On top of that I was feeling a little home sick and was over being actually sick so it wasn't fun. I just wanted to be at home watching movies with rani or something. I wanted to lay on the beach and chill on the sand. I was feeling like 2 years is soo long:(
 Because I was up I watched "Legacy" the pioneer movie. Seeing all that they went through I felt pretty lame just having a stomach flu while they were dealing with deadly illnesses and deaths and I was complaining about a flu. I was humbled watching these faithful members knowing that they are on their way to zion and through their trials and tribulations they still had faith that the Lord would deliver them. One part in the movie the family has to send their father off on a mission, a husband off to the war. these men were away from their families for who knows when and if they would ever make it back but they still went because of their faith in the Lord and their desire to serve. I was motivated seeing their example and the strength of their testimonies. that I have it so good being a missionary in these latter days being able to email my family and have all the wonderful things we have today.
My humbling experience with this stomach flu has helped me have more appreciation for the things I have and this wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord and build up his Kingdom. I am so grateful to be able to be a missionary!
other than that nothing to exciting, my companion and I are doing awesome he teaches me a ton of stuff hes very smart with the doctrine. getting ready for the cold!!!
hope everyone at home has been doing okay despite the ugly weather! Miss everyone
miss the beach but I know this is where I need to be!
email ya next week
Elder Soren

Monday, November 4, 2013

100% committed

This week...
has been pretty slow considering Halloween were were on lock down, we had a bunch of service projects, so I didn't really feel like missionary work. especially that it was much slower than usual but its picking up this week!
yesterday one of our investigators, Fabian who is 15 bore his testimony and told the ward the date of his baptism. I was so proud of him I was smiling from ear to ear.
I have come to realize the reason of my joy in this work is seeing the spirit work in others. that I am a worthy instrument in the lords hands to cause people to feel the power of the spirit.
my companion makes me give all the blessings of comfort and healing to help me get better and experience them more. and I have seen the blessings of the power of the priesthood and it makes my heart so happy to be able to give some one a blessing and know that there is peace in their heart.
we had dinner at a members home with 2 little girls, twins, recently divorced and as we finished a fun lesson about the good Samaritan, he asked us for a blessing. after I gave him the blessing he stood up with tear filled eyes as he thanked us and walked us out. on our way home it the windy cold streets of Pocatello the only feeling in my heart was warmth. I was so happy that I was a servant of the Lord. A worthy tool in his work. to be able to bless the lives of others and bring happiness and comfort in their lives. My appreciation for worthily having the Gift of The Holy Ghost has grown so much knowing that it is only through him that these things are possible. For if it were not for the spirit we will fail at this work...
Concerning the Temple situation with the Gov. I have complete faith that the Lord will no let this evil thing bring down his holy temples. I know that the Priesthood axillaries who hold the authority and keys will be able to overcome this test of our faith. that we as members should do all we can to not take matters into our own hands and take away the authority of leaders that have been called upon for specific situations like this. that we will pray and fast and do all we can on our part with our responsibilities as members and have faith. that we must stand on our foundation which is upon the "rock of our redeemer...that when the devil shall send forth his mighty shall have no power over you...because of the rock which ye are built" (HEL 5:12) this is one of my favorite scriptures because I know the foundation that is under my feet is of Christ and he shall not let me fall.
my mission is the best thing ever I have come to love the families and people of Pocatello and my heart is so happy to be apart of this sacred work.
I am motivated even more this next week to be the best missionary I can be!
love you, miss you
Elder Soren

Monday, October 28, 2013

Week Five (second week in the field)

this week has been so amazing, so many blessings, so many miracles. my testimony has grown so much just this past week from everything that has happened. I learn so much each and every day. My outlook on life is so much different. My priorities are set on eternal life and the temporal things I once loved don't seem so fun anymore. I know the gospel is working inside me and helping me know whats important in this life. all through reading the book of Mormon and Listening to the prophets.
one of the scriptures that really impacted me this week was 2Nephi 9:14-16 the whole chapter is amazing but just knowing that because of our righteousness we will be clothed in glory in the last days. it motivated me to continue to live me life according to the gospel and that my righteous decisions will bless me and my family for eternity.
another scripture that I loved this morning was from one of Pes Monsons talks about "always being ready" its in 1 Peter 3:15. we should always be ready to share what we believe in and to not fear what people they think because it follows up in and what makes us most happy in life. even if some one asks whats the best part of our weekend. we should share what makes our hearts happy. you could be surprised how just saying how church was or what you learned in the scriptures could change someone's life. and treat everyone as if they are already members. don be skurddd.
We had a baptism this Saturday it was so wonderful! I got to baptize one of the 2 sisters, they were 9 and 12. the spirit was so strong and I was so happy to be able to preform one of the baptisms! I was so happy for these girls weve been teaching they have a rough situation but I know their lives will change from this decision. Sunday was just as spiritual being apart of the confirmation I felt the spirit so strong I was so happy that they could be confirmed members and receive the holy ghost. my heart was so full.
I have come to realize that there is a certain feeling I get when I study about the atonement and everything Jesus Christ is. Its a feeling that always comes after learning more and more about him my love for him grows each day. he is the center of everything I do and words cannot express my love for him.
I am loving my mission more and more each day. the people are so open to learning about the gospel and I see the blessings that come from being exactly obedient. me and my comp have chosen to not listen to music that takes our mind away from the work and only listen to uplifting music that invites the spirit. Immediately blessings poured out from the sky and we came in contact with so many new people and investigators. we have been obedient by showing the lord he can trust us with his work, and he has. we strive to find more ways we can be more obedient.
I am so grateful for everyone that has supported me and helped to have the opportunity to serve the lord. this is one of the most wonderful experiences of my life and its all thanks to you.
love and miss everyone
send me letters I love them! (emails are inconvenient I have all day to write only hour to email)
peace out from  Mellow Pocatello
Elder Soren

First baptism 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week Four


       This week has been so good so busy, our schedules are soo busy. its good tho! we have a baptism this coming Saturday that were excited for. We have a lot of families were teaching and its always a fun time! My testimony has grown soo much since ive been out i have learned so much and ive been so blessed. people aren't kidding when they say missionary work is hard. im happy tho im happy we stay busy. Ive learned so much, i know learning and studying the gospel is working inside me as well my desires of what i want in this life has changed, i feel the conversion that's taking place within me. i love it, i go to bed every night so happy so proud to be a missionary and to be able to build up the Lords Kingdom on this earth. i am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity. The work and living the gospel is probably one of the most happiest things in life and i encourage you to help the girls understand these things.
 Starting with reading the Book of Mormon my testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown so much and i know that if you help ally and rani read it every day and understand the principals and doctrine behind it blessings will follow, acts of faith will follow. their love for the gospel will grow and they will enjoy every minute of it. it takes time but it will work.
 We have been trying to be more obedient so that the lord will trust us with more work, our music is approved but were going to try and listen to only uplifting gospel music, its really hard because its something me and Elder Duano are really passionate about and its something that we try to justify. the music isn't bad at all but were trying to listen to music that will entertain us but music that will uplift and help us feel the spirit. so were going to try and be more obedient to be able to gain more of the lords trust.
Return missionaries don't lie when they say your going to get investigators who spit questions concerning the gospel and Book of Mormon. He was telling us how there are so many inconsistencies in the Book of Mormon and the Bible and how there archeological proof of it. He tested us but could not shake our faith. it gave us more of a desire to learn about the history and motivated us to know more about the Book of Mormon and the Bible.
 I am having such a great time, i love being a missionary its pure joy. i know that you ally and rani will be blessed because i am away so don't worry just be the best you all can be, study the scriptures together, pray together make them go to seminary cuz i wish i did but im learning now help them to understand the gospel and how much our Heavenly Father loves us.  I know your trials and things that stress the family out will be lightened that you guys will have the strength to overcome these trials as long as you have faith. i love you guys so much and wish i could be with you everyday but i know how important this work is and i would rather be here being an instrument in the lords hand than being a beach bum back home.
love you guys
keep it classy, not sassy
Love Elder Soren

oh yeah and i'm learning how to play the guitar

                                                we had a 3rd companion for 1 day 
                              and a service project that we re re-roofed someones house
                                                                   lol how ironic

and some nerd game we play on pday haha its pretty fun

                                                          we had a bbbq and bbq spam
                                                there's a samoan in my zone he's the man
                                                            reminds me of home haha

Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 3 - Pocatello Central West

                                               Elder Soren with his Trainer and Companion

       I don't start emails till around 11 or 12, im loving it the work is definitely challenge but its awesome, my companion is Filipino, from the Philippines. When I saw him the first night I thought he coulda been from Hawaii. Hes my trainer. Hes awesome we get along really well and he teaches me a lot. I'm serving right now in the Pocatello Central West area where elder beatty last served. I live with a grandma in her basement we call her grandma or Lola hahha shes really nice tho and our set up is nice too old house a grandma house pretty much but its good. 

yesterday was pretty busy we went to all 3 sacraments and the last one was a farewell but we got to eat so it was good haha. I met a Hannaman Irina something her husband is from millilani shes aunty melitas cuzin or something. the families were teaching are pretty funny and were teaching a lot of kids younger than 16 so its always fun. the people are nice the weathers not too bad so far kinda cold but winter will be worse. we teach this funny crazy family with 2 black girls and their step mom and younger step sisters they told me my face looks like a babies butt hahhahahah I asked them to explain and they said it looks soft hahha their funny and their little sister in the prayer said bless the mission-fairies hahaha I like Idaho so far tho its different for sure liking the new experiences. people are sometimes surprised when I say im from Hawaii but they all know elder beatty so its not too shocking ha. no can Skype tho chat only if your on when im on. Prez is really nice he's stern but loving I guess like your dad. his wife is really nice as well. Im learning a lot and getting used to the mission life its gunna take some getting used to but I like it. ill try send some pics. I met Francis Aki he said he surfed with dad and knew him growing up hes in one of my wards pretty cool, he took us to walmart just before I came to email cool to meet someone who knew dad.i love it here tho im so happy to be a missionary and my testimony has grown soo much its awesome.
 Get the girls active in their reading the Book of Mormon and prayers, church, seminary ect. I wish I did even tho they might not go on missions the gospel is something ive learned that helps us in life in general more than we could ever imagine so please tell them even tho they might be lazy or impatient have them read and pray about what they read and to think about it. its blessed me soo much so far and blessings continue to come so I hope you do the same and I know Heavenly Father will be with you guys and that your burdens may seem lighter love you guys so much miss you like crazy tell the girls I love um and to be obedient.
 also work on your guys missionary work as well like the prophets have said  in conference, pray and ask for inspiration to help those that might need the gospel in their lives even !!family!! or friends...
uhh send me letters also I like looking forward to "mail" something fun to receive
love you, miss you
Elder Soren

ps: don't call me elder j

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Photos from the MTC!

Provo Temple with companion Elder Cocke (Coke)

MTC companion Elder Cocke

Elder Soren with his District (he was the District Leader)

With Elder Ah Puck of Hauula who was the other District Leader

The whole Zone (Elder Ah Puck and Elder Soren's 2 Districts)

Mahalo for the gifts Kent and Susan Diamond.  

Everyone else, feel free to write or send treats anytime.  

His address is:  

Elder Jack-Henry Soren 
Idaho Pocatello Mission 
1246 Yellowstone Ave Ste. F3
Pocatello, ID 83201-4372
United States

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