Monday, July 28, 2014

Stoked for a New Transfer

 Hey Home.

        This week has been up, down and all over the place. Its been great tho! A lot of wonderful experiences. Workin hard! super exhausted. But its good. so good. I love my mission and everything i am learning. All the experiences that I have had here will continue to bless me for the rest of my life i know that for a fact!
Highlight of the week:
      This week Jaque went to the temple with the Young Singles to do baptisms for the dead!!! She absolutely loved it! she expressed her feelings the best she could but words couldn't describe it she said. She talked about how there was a very peaceful, calm, and comforting feeling. We reminded her about the fruits of the spirit. She also told us about how she had an impression to get her scriptures out of her car when she was having a hard day. She quickly listened to the prompting and opened the new quad, president McNabb got her. She started reading and cross referencing with the foot notes (HOLY COW SHES AWESOME) she immediately was comforted and said it was exactly what she needed to hear that day. 
       Its so heart warming to see the gift of the holy ghost work with Jaque. Just knowing that the spirit is with her always and guides her throughout her day. What a blessing it is to see this as a missionary. Its people like Jaque that makes all the hard times on the mission worth it! I am so grateful for Jaques role in my life.
       Sad day Elder Bebee is going home tomorrow. Im gunna miss him so much. We have had so many crazy fun experiences together on the mission ever since i was a greenie. Elder Bebee is one of those brothers the Lord has blessed me with and i am so excited for him to start on his new adventures. Ive learned so much from him and i am so grateful for our companionship!
         My new companion will be Elder Jones. Hes such an awesome missionary and a hard worker. i am excited to serve with him this upcoming transfer!
         I love my mission so much and i am grateful for all the wonderful experiences and friends that ive made here in Pocatello Idaho. I love my life. i am so stoked to that im not going home yet lol still got a while. Im lucky. 

Stoked to Serve 
Elder Soren

Sister Jacobson in the mish home, goin home

Elder Bebee going home tomorrow

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jaque England

This week was an answer to our prayers and a miracle that has changed my mission. i dont even know where to start or if i can remember everything that happened this week. i hope it makes sense, i hope to express my feelings as best i can. All i know is that anything is possible through Christ. 

       this letter is going to be long because so much has happened and i don't wanna leave anything out!

        At the baptism of the Keller family, Jaque met Sister Brinkerhoff and President. Sister Brinkerhoff knew her from a year ago because Jaque came to the mission home to have a lesson with missionaries. Sister Brinkerhoff invited Jaque to have another lesson in our mission home. 
So At 4:30 on Monday we went to have another lesson with Jaque in the Brinkerhoffs home. I was so nervous and anxious, i've never taught in front of President before. As intimidated as i was the lesson went very very well. Elder Bebee and i followed up on how Jaque felt at the Baptism. She loved it. We shared some scriptures and talked with Jaque about her hopes. Jaque had a big smile on her face the whole time. Jaque's Baptismal goal was for July 19th and she still wasn't sure if she wanted to get baptized. But we didn't drop her date we prayed and had faith that the Lord would work it out. After we shared what we had planned i posed the question all missionaries live for, "will you be baptized?" with a big smile Jaque said "YES" our hearts sank (soared) as all of our prayers were answered. 
She had expressed how she received a priesthood blessing from her friend and once he laid his hands on her head a feeling of overwhelming peace and comfort filled her heart. She couldn't describe exactly what she felt. We let her know that it was the spirit. The only thing holding her back was her dad's permission. After the lesson that evening we were driving to another lesson and Jaque texted us. "Elders I have great news! my dad said yes!!!" we died.... Everything was working out. Elder Bebee and i were so happy!!! i can't even explain how excited i was!
         She accepted to be baptized on her date we set as a goal :) then came the Planning. Elder Bebee and I had to plan with our ward and all of our leaders for her baptism the coming Saturday. We were running around like chickens with their heads cut off, calling people, making programs, making sure we had speakers. It was crazy! Even Elder Bebee got sick and i had a bumm knee all week we didn't let it stop us!
         We taught Jaque every day prior to her baptism with President McNabb and each time we went over Jaque just got more and more excited. We even talked about the temple and baptisms for the dead. She was even open to possibly serving a mission! She wanted it all!
          Jaques Baptism was beautiful. Everything went according to plan and the spirit was so strong. All of Jaques Friends, even her sister drove up from Logan, came. Her Dad came and was supportive. I over heard Jaque talking to one of her friends before the Baptism started.  She was expressing how happy she is and how much faith and hope she had. She said she has never felt this happy before in her life. Everything worked out perfectly. Jaque had prayed and chose Elder Bebee to baptize her. It was wonderful because Elder Bebee leaves next Tuesday to go home to Texas. Jaque shared her testimony after the ordinance was performed. She had a big smile and expressed how she felt but the one thing she said that just made my heart so happy was when she said "I know this church, the book of mormon, everything is TRUE". My heart was so full. I felt so good that she was able to find the truth for herself. That was one of the most powerful statements during the baptism.
            President McNabb shared a very powerful testimony about this wonderful experience He had teaching Jaque with us. I love president McNabb. He is one of my favorite people here in poky. He is one of the most humble and loving examples of what a priesthood holder should be. One day i hope to be someone like President McNabb. 
           This experience with Jaque has changed my mission. I have never taught someone like Jaque. I was willing to do everything i could in my power so that she could enjoy the fruit of the spirit and to feel the love of our Father in Heaven. I wish i was better at writing or could express how i truly feel, i wish i had a vocabulary to describe my feelings from these past couple weeks. Jaque's conversion story is one of the most beautiful things i have witnessed here on my mission.
           But all i have to say is that the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is true. That He lives and is with us each day. That because of Him hearts are changed, we are changed. We are changed into something far greater than we could ever imagine. He loves us and knows who we can become. But if only we take his hand and trust in Him.
         I received a letter from my wonderful Aunty Kim this week, her words have resonated in my heart as i have discovered this change in me. i am so very grateful for her love and example. (thanks aunty i needed that extra strength:) she said "There is no selfishness in true service, we loose ourselves through service, only to find ourselves again". I feel as if i have found myself again through this experience with Jaque. Jaque has blessed my life, and i am very grateful for her.

I love my life.
I love missionary work
I love all my family
I love the Lord

Stoked to Serve 

Elder Soren

Elder Bebee, Jaque, & Elder Soren

 President McNabb took us out to "Wingers" after a lesson with Jaque

We got our Zone to be able to throw color in the color run, 
2 hours before the baptism haha good thing it all washed out!
The Zone

Monday, July 14, 2014


C R A Y!

        This week was soooooo gooood! I don't even know where to start! I just love missionary work. I don't ever want this experience to end.

         It's crazy when I think about how long i've been in Pocatello, coming on to 10 months! and will be here guarantee for another transfer. I honestly could serve here for the rest of my mission. I know pretty much the whole town! i've had so many connections and so many friends here I hope I don't leave, and if do, I hope I get to come back before I go. Its getting hotter, but we're spoiled with our car AND we just got a window AC unit in our bedroom!!! sooooo stoked we were sleeping in the living room cuz its so hot all day and night. But now it feels like Antarctica in our room!

          We had some really awesome lessons this week. We met with our friend Cord, he is so awesome!  We had a really great discussion about "aspiring to the honors of men" D&C 121:35. He was judged all his life growing up in the church because he was doing his own thing. He talked about how he was never really accepted by his peers and how sometimes someone has to "click the accept button" to be your friend or not. We talked about how no matter what, no matter who you are God never has a choice to click that button, because he has already accepted us before we were even born. And always, always accepts us no matter what our decisions are in this life. We talked about how a lot of youth these days are controlled by facebook posts, how many likes and followers you got on instagram, and how we all wake up and the first thing we do is check our "news feed".  This had a lot of relation to me because I was an instagram junky and cared more about the likes and the follows to where it controlled what I did that day, whether or not "it would look sick on instagram". Being on my mission and seeing the bigger picture that mentality doesn't seem appealing to me any more and how I don't want it to control what I wanna do, to impress my friends or random people I don't even know. It's kinda silly how upset we get when someone unfollows or when the number of likes we get don't satisfy us hahah. It was a great conversation and I hope that it sticks with me even after the mission. But I am a true believer of doing your own thing and not caring what other people think. But to use social media to uplift, inspire and serve...
           There was a motto that was added that day to my list of things I strive to live by.  The first two Inspired by one of my Best Friends and the new one by Cord.

To Create and Inspire
To express not impress
To be a servant not a slave

hope none of ya took offence or think the social media thing was dumb or if it even made sense, but you know what im talking about ;)

       Yesterday was soooo special. We went to all of our church meetings and had a fun dinner with one of our high council man. But the Highlight was taking Jaque to the Keller families baptism.
         This family was taking the discussions for a year and a half now and after much struggle the family of 4 was baptized last night. There were about 200 people there and was one of the most beautiful experiences i've ever witnessed.
         All the talks and testimonies were perfect for Jaque to hear! It was meant for her! She has a date to be baptized this Saturday but still isn't sure but we have faith and we know she will receive her answer before then.
         The whole family went up and shared their testimony but the best one and by far one of the most touching testimonies i've ever heard was from the 10 year old daughter.
      She walked up and stood on her little stool behind the podium with her teddy bear and said something along these lines, I cant remember I was to focused on how I felt and the tears coming down.

 "after I came out of the water everything looked so beautiful and pretty, I am so grateful for the church and for this opportunity, it means so much to me."

I wish you could have been there. I could never repeat a testimony so perfect as little Casey's.

Jaque loved the baptism, I know she will be baptized if not this Saturday, the next.

I love every minute of missionary work. I wish I could express exactly how I feel about the wonderful experiences i've had this week. the only thing I could think of is you going out and  sharing the gospel yourself. I promise you these sorts of overwhelming moments of pure joy will enter into you life.

never send me home, I love you all and hope you find someone to share the gospel with this week. So you can feel the way I do everyday. :)

Stoked to Serve

Elder Soren

BTDUBBs I met cabers companion, elder perish!!!!! so sick small world

little Casey and I

My Highland Sisters!

Elder Palfreman

Elders Bebee & Soren…crutches?

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Balloon that Brought Heavenly Happiness

Hello Family,

              This week was so crazy! we had so much going on! meetings on meetings on meetings. Mission Leadership Council, Zone Training, and 6 hours of church meetings this Sunday!!!! wahooo!!! 3 hours of church is gonna be nothing when I get home hahah. I love it tho I enjoy being busy. Always working always on my feet, its gunna be weird going back to island speed. ha

           Frequently asked question for Elder Soren From Laie: "Oh!!! did you work at the Polynesian Cultural Center???"

          Every single person I tell asks me this hahaha its pretty funny. Elder Bebee beats them to it sometimes and says "yeah but he didn't work at the PCC" we always know its coming every time I say where im from. lol

          4th of July was crazy! we spent the night before down in Soda Springs with Elder Duano and Haas. We went to the natural soda springs it was fizzy like soda but tasted like metal hahah it was cool tho. Then we went and saw the geyser and popped fire works! Then in the Morning we went on a hike at 5:30am we were dead tired. It was cool the hill looked over all of Soda Springs. Then the town had a huge breakfast pancakes sausages and eggs it was a huge picnic! then we were in the town parade! we decorated Elder Duanos truck with balloons and bought candy and got about 150 book of Mormons to pass out! there were so many people at the parade. We passed out all the book of Mormons, all our DVDs, every single gospel material we had in the truck. we ran out of candy as well! the people loved us it was so cool we had a bunch of missionaries walking along side the truck passing out book of Mormons and the people were cheering! it was sick it felt like we were war heroes or something as they cheered for us. it was soo cool! then we had a BBQ with all the missionaries in poky. Then went and watched "frozen" at the institute building. I love that movies its sweet. Then we went and watched the fireworks till 11. We took our all day pday serious. it was sooooo fun!

           The Lord specifically answered my prayer during the parade. Since we ran out of everything we had I thought about taking the balloons off and giving them to the kids. I had a prayer in my heart that there could be a certain kid, someone special that i could give the balloon to. I was standing in the back of the truck searching the crowd for a certain someone. Not even 2 min after I had the idea, that's when I saw him....
             A boy (unlike all the other kids running to get candy), was bound to his seat by his physical disability. Chords filled with oxygen tied him down to his red camping chair. A perfect son of our Heavenly Father sat there enjoying the parade from the side lines. I immediately recognized that the balloon I had in my hand was for him. I jumped out of the truck, ran over and handed it to him with a smile followed by a Hi 5. He had a heavenly smile on his face that warmed my heart. The truck was a ways away now so I had to go. But as I looked back at this young boy, a feeling of love entered my heart knowing that, that simple blue balloon could make someone smile like that. I am so grateful to be a vehicle of the spirit, that we are tools of our Heavenly Father. Servants of the Most High, we are blessed to have the opportunity to preform small and very simple acts of kindness to help others feel the love of our beloved Father in Heaven. Now I do not boast in my own strength as Ammon tells his brother Aaron. But I glorify my God and His spirit which led my eyes to see this boy. He provided me with the opportunity to make one of his perfected children happy. Oh how my heart swells just thinking about the blessings of missionary work. This is one of the most rewarding investments I have ever made in my life so far.
                I pray that you will seek for opportunities like this so that you may feel the way I do. Missionary work in all of its shapes and forms will bring you a divine happiness that comes only from serving our fellow brothers and sisters. People are always on the pursuit for happiness I feel that we, members of the church have found the secret to happiness. It's Service.  Once we realize that we are nothing but servants of our God, that is when the windows of Heaven open, opportunities present themselves for us to receive joy and happiness. The material things, the popularity or praise we receive from being cool, the number of followers or likes we get don't even amount to the self satisfaction and joy one can receive from sharing our fathers love with those around us.

I love my job. I love being a servant. I love My Father in Heaven. I love being a missionary.

I love you all with all my heart.
miss you much

Stoked to serve,
Elder Soren

Soda Springs, Idaho

4th of July parade

Movies @ the Institute

Elder Duano & Elder Soren

Elder Bebee & Elder Soren
4th of July Pday

Happy Birthday America!