Monday, December 9, 2013


This week has been so good! its only -3 degrees today nbd.... hahhaha. We have been getting so much work and were excited! the members are such a big help. They have been giving us more and more refferals since the Hastening of the work! Members and missionaries working together, missionaries helping with members with the members missionary work. its been so awesome! If you know the missionaries that serve in your ward they need your help! give um refferals ride, feed um, what ever! i love the members they are so supportive here and it really makes out lives a little easier. I know everyone seems to be so busy with their own needs but I know that when you help the missionaries you not only help them and their investigators, but the Lord will bless you and your families more than you know for assisting in his work. Try it!
   We had some wonderful lessons this week with Lisa.  She has a baptism date for Dec 27th  pray for her! She is the sweetest lady ever! We taught her the Plan of salvation this week.  Half way through the lesson, tears were rolling down her cheeks. Being a widow, knowing she can be sealed with her husband touched her heart and brought re-assurance to her soul. My heart was full. I know that we will all see our family once again and Im thankful to be able to share that message to those who have lost their loved ones. They comfort they feel is like no other. Only in this gospel can we be bound on earth and in heaven for all eternity. My testimony of the Plan of Salvation is so strong. I know it to be true.
  Friends always ask if i meet amazing people. I have, they are those not of great stature or popularity, but of humble and lowly hearts with the desire to grow closer to their Father in Heaven. Brother & Sister Chapel had us over for dinner.  It was one of the most heart warming dinners I've had. Sister Chapel is a Native American woman in a wheel chair with glaucoma and is swollen from head to toe. She ordered us pizza hut because she couldnt cook.  As we ate, she shared with us her situation having to go to dialisis 3 times a week and sleeping sitting up because of her condition. Although her situation was one of the most depressing things I've heard, her positivity and love for the savior was more than I have ever seen in someone, ever some of the most active members.  She knew the Lord would take care of her and bless their family.   As her  husband made us mashed potatoes she would yell "YOU GO JACK!" with a huge smile on her face as her "hero" as she calls him fixed us up some extras.  I was so humbled from this experience, I have truly met some amazing people on my mission and it has only been 2 1/2 months.
 Now for something not so depressing haha, MY BIRTHDAYYYY haha finnally 19 holy cow im so young. But I can't believe I'm already 19 and then 20 wowow i feel like its only been a few years since i dressed up tom the cat in my clothes.  When I was still watching dragon ball z on the weekends with liko and levi. Time really does fly but i hope my mission lasts forever. Sadly it wont but it doesn't have to stop when i get home:). We were on exchanges on my birthday it was so scary cuz I was leading the area for my first time but it was a wonderful learning experience.  We had a bbq with the elders in my district at grandmas it was so fun. the next day is when i got my packages from home, made me feel like i was in hawaii for a day, listening to Bradda IZ, listening to all the birthday wishes on the recording tape picturing all your smiling faces. made me feel like i was at aunty nikkis for a bday bbq hahaha loved it, thank you all so much! didnt feel any different than being back at home.

bday bbq - made me feel like i was at zippys with the teryaki spam and fried chicken! i miss zippys

 Although i missed everyone of you, missed my home,  I am now feeling like Idaho is home. I deffinantley could live here for the next 2 years. i love the people i love the wards. Best of all I LOVE THE SNOWWWWWWW. SOSOOSOSOSOOO fun snow everywhere! It's so beautiful i love walking in it and throwing it everywhere. i love the snow i hope it stays till summer!!!!
Elder Duano is the Pirate missionary he has pink eye and wears an eye patch hahahahaha

love you miss you
Elder Soren

                                                                      snow surfin!

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