Monday, July 27, 2015

The Priesthood

This week was sweet. We were able to attend our Stake Priesthood meeting last night in Jackson Wyoming. We have been visiting the Sheline family still and Evan the husband was ordained an elder and got the Melchizedek Priesthood. He is sooo awesome. Evan was inactive for a number of years while in the military. As his wife was taking the discussions he came back and supported her and baptized her. He was in the Navy for a few years on one of the Seal Teams. He’s rad. Such a good dad to his kids and husband to his wife, they have such an awesome family. After the conference was finished we went into the Relief Society room for his ordination.

This was one of the most spiritual experiences I’ve had with the Priesthood. The Bishop and a few of the Elders quorum were there for support. Evan sat in the front in the chair and he asked everyone who was able, to join in. 14 of us gathered around him and placed our hands upon his head. His Father gave one of the most amazing blessings to his Son. It was so powerful. I remember during the prayer the thoughts that came into my mind was "the priesthood is true, it has truly been restored to the earth". I cannot deny the feelings I got last night, Brothers all surrounding this Humble man who was so worthy of receiving this gift from God. 

Evan will be leaving tomorrow on a job in Egypt and when he returns home he will bless his baby boy. I am so happy for the Sheline family, they have come such a long way. Now Evan, the Priesthood holder and patriarch of his home will be able to bless his family for ever and ever. This makes me so happy. He is such a great example to me and what kind of father I want to be for my family. 

You’ll never find experiences like this anywhere else. I know that the fullness of the Gospel had been Restored to the earth by the power of God. And what an honor we have to receive the blessings that come from the Priesthood.

We walked past the skate contest in Driggs this week.... i had to stop! 

Blessings and more blessings. 

Stoked to Serve in Driggs

Elder Soren

Monday, July 20, 2015

Huckle Berries

This week was good, Elder Johnson and I have been finding more and teaching. There are so many missionary minded families here. They are so supportive and helpful. 

We’ve been working with Trent still. He’s pretty awesome, his boy Rowdy is so big now, healthy and strong. That’s sooo good cuz little Rowdy was struggggling. 

We have been able to see the Barnes family. We helped them move down the street a few weeks ago. Kind of a bummer for them cuz they moved into a smaller house and have all the kids and to much stuff :( but we’ve been helping them out. They are such a great family.

Since we got here Elder Johnson and I have been visiting a guy named David Nolan. He’s a convert, he has special needs and he lives on his own and is older. We go and visit him every now and then to share a message with him and after play a game of Uno. He loves Uno. He doesn't have much company so he’s always excited to see us, its good to do this kind of missionary work. Most of the time there’s a lot of pressure to teach and baptize but when we have lessons with people like David they are always sweet and memorable. 

We went Huckle Berry picking with Brother and Sister Starkey this morning. It was fun! Afterwards we went to the Kearsley’s and made smoothies and shakes. We’re taking advantage of all the Idaho things to do here. Driggs is so beautiful. 

We had dinner with the Olsen family. A big Filipino party! soooooo muchhh LUMPIAAAA. It was soo good. Tons of Filipino food & so many crazy Fillipino aunties all laughing and yelling! Hahaha reminded me of home! i love it! 

Life’s been good. Love my mission. Missionary work feels like normal life, it’s just what we do and who we are, its’ weird to think of life without a white shirt and name tag. Trying not to think of home. not trunky ... haha 

Always Stoked to Serve

Elder Soren


i didnt actually paint that bridge.... it was bear spray… 
                                    good thing i didnt have real paint or i would have….

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


This week was SOOOOO AWESOME! So in Rigby Elder Fontes and I were teaching LynnDee Romrell a recent convert who is amazing. We taught her the whole 9 months i was there she soaked everything up. She was even apart of our Zone. She went out with the Sister Missionaries for hours every week teaching and testifying. She even came teaching with us! She came to our Zone activities and we always had a blast with her. We were there through her hard times and good times. She is one of the most awesomestest persons I’ve ever met. We're like her big brothers. The best part is LynnDee just received her call to serve in the Philippines! And this Saturday we went through the Temple with her to receive her Endowments. It was so special. I am so proud of her and for her faith and determination. She has been such a great example to me. I learned so much from her through the experiences we had in Rigby. One of the greatest highlights on my mission. I know she will do soooo goood on her mission. 

Brother Joseph Duano came to visit us! It was good to see him :)

I am so grateful for the amazing people i have met on my mission.

Much Love & Aloha 

Elder Soren

Monday, July 6, 2015

best 4th of July!

We had such an awesome week. 

Our new mission president came in and we had a zone conference where we were able to meet him. He was super cool. He’s from Arizona and is so excited to be our mission president. It was different without President Brinkerhoff but I know President Hancock will help us do amazing things! 

Nadine, left for Germany this week. We were sad to see her go. We helped her find the Meeting House that was close to her.  A small branch, we were able to get the Branch President’s phone number to. So we really hope she continues the discussions and has that desire to be baptized. 

We had a really cool experience with Trent this week. He has opened up to us and really sees a difference in his life since we started meeting it’s so awesome. We had a great lesson with him and his family at the Dayton’s. Trent told us that when the missionaries came to his door before he would tell them he appreciated what we did but no thank you. He said, he likes us a lot because we got to know him and he knows he can trust us. It was awesome to know that.  There are so many times when people say that to us and we keep movin on, but here someone who would have said it is now letting us teach him. I am so grateful that God allowed us to have this opportunity and to soften Trent’s heart. 

We had such a fun 4th of July. We had an all day p day. I definitely made use of it. We went and watched the hot air ballooons take off at 6am then we were in the town parade on a members float. Then went on an awesome hike. Then helped a family move pipe (first time i ever did that) and watched a movie with the zone. Then watched the fire works. It was the best! 

Something that the Lord reminded me of this week, is how He always provides us with someone to help us through our trials. Sometimes that someone is so random and that’s how you know the Lord works through all His servants. I am so thankful for the lessons learned and those friends along the way who help. I know that we are those people for someone else also. We just need to follow the Spirit to those the Lord puts in our paths.

I love my mission and I’m so thankful for this experience. 

Stoked to Serve 

Elder Soren  

with Elder Johnson