Monday, May 26, 2014

8 months. Workin Hard.Tired. Happy!

H O W Z I T       H O W Z I T        H O W Z I T

         "get ready to always... be tired, all day, every day" - Elder Thomas.

        This was said to me the first day we got assigned to be ZL companions. There is nothing but truth in his words. Tired is what I am, no doubt about that. But, I am the most happy, content, accomplished and excited missionary. I am in love with my mission and this work. I am so happy to be a missionary. This experience has and will continue to change my life, but if only I let it.

       This week has been crazy busy so many lessons to teach, new people to meet and a whole lot of fun. YSA work is definitely different than working with families. Im lovin every minute of it. We have been able to meet so many wonderful young people this last week. A ton of miracles, and tender mercies. We set 4 baptismal dates this week and our area is on fire!

        I was on exchanges this week with Elder Coggins, and was able to lead my new area for the first time. I was pumped to go out and work hard. We taught 5 lessons that day and invited 4 people to be baptized 3 said yes but we only set an actual date for 1. I haven't taught that many lessons in 1 day in such a long time. i was so happy. I love teaching, going from one lesson to the other sharing the gospel and helping those individuals feel the love our Heavenly Father has for them.

       "But behold, that which is of God inviteth and enticeth to do good continually; wherefore, every thing which inviteth and enticeth to do good, and to love God, and to serve him, is inspired of God" - Moroni 7:13. This scripture has consumed my thoughts and caused me to do things i normally wouldn't because of fear. It has propelled me to press forward, it has motivated me to do good, it has helped me to be bold and just go for it. When i broke it down, in the mindset of, This is Gods work, its not your work, its His "and He is always to be in control". I combined the scripture with this idea and it has helped me, DO GOOD. That no matter what i do if it inviteth to do good, If it helps one love God, and to come closer to him it doesn't matter the outcome. If we simply DO good works the God will work everything out to our benefit. The outcome of the invitation is His to decide and control. If it invited to do good, it will work out in the end. And i testify that this is true.  :)

       I got to meet a recent convert named Dylan. He invited Elder Coggins and I over for breakfast in his apartment. We had breakfast burritos and got to know him a little better. He is 20 and just got Baptized in April. As we talked about snowboarding (i want to snowboard so bad) and sports we shared scriptures together. He had one of the most humble hearts, as he expressed his love for the savior. The work Meek came to my mind as his character impressed mine. After we left I wanted to have that same humble and meek spirit as he did. I wanted my character to be loving and sweet as his was.

       It is very easy to get caught up in the "youth" part of working with YSA wards and easy to loose track of your purpose as a missionary. Since we are serving in the ISU boundaries it feels like BYU-H. The atmosphere, the energy, all of it. I felt my self reverting a little bit back into my excited jack jack ways. Not that there is anything wrong with that lol its just, i know i can get outta hand and a bit tooo crazy sometimes =P. There definitely has to be a balance between being energetic & outgoing, and remembering your purpose and being reverent. I know that this is what i am to learn this transfer. How to be in an atmosphere i once knew, a very worldly environment, and be able to set my self apart from those worldly things and natural desires. I feel like this experience, if i can overcome it, will benefit me when i return home to BYU-H and to be able to continue being an example of Christ when surrounded by worldly distractions. But i know that it is possible through the Atoning sacrifice that the Savior has so freely given me. To be delivered out of every trial that comes. I will meet my trials with gladness and joy for i know that my redeemer lives.

       ****Shouts out to my little sister ALEX, you deserve every bit of congratulations and praise that is offered to you. I am so proud of you and your hard working example. Always doing your best and pushing yourself to become who you are today. always looking to increase your knowledge and understanding. I know that UH will be cake because of the determination you have. i know that you will continue to do great things in your life. I love you and am so very proud of you.

I love my Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ

I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in my life right now.

missing the ocean more than ever right now, enjoy it for me. :)

I miss you and love you.

Elder Soren

Elder Gatchellion, my trainers trainer from the Philippines

Elder Thomas is a very special child of our Heavenly Father... lol

Monday, May 19, 2014

5. 19. 2014

         This week has been awesome! We have been working hard but still having a lot of fun. We have been organizing our records and paperwork, but also helping the missionaries in our zone. Things have been great! It's getting hot and my farmers tan is looking pretty good. Starting to fit right in with all the Idahoans. We got to spend a lot of time in the country with one of our districts. The 1 hour drive reminded me of home with all the mountains and fields. I am so blessed to be surrounded by our Heavenly Fathers creations. We have been having a lot of beautiful sunsets as well its been good. 

        I love working in YSA. We work a lot with less actives. When the YSA stake centers were dedicated it was promised by the one of the 70s that "the way we will find our investigators, will be through working with less actives". This is because there are always non member room mates that live with the less active young singles. This past week we were able to teach so many wonderful people. I love working with people my age and helping them find their testimonies again! 

        Elder Thomas and I are doing so well together, we are unified in all we do and he is doing such a great job at training me on how to be a great leader. We have been able to teach a lot this week, I just love teaching. We are so personable with our investigators and really help them understand that the gospel applies to each and everyone of us in our own circumstances. I am so excited to be working here. I know that this will be such a great opportunity to magnify my calling and be who i really am. And to use my personality with these young single adults to help them come unto Christ. I love working with Less Actives as well they are just as important as non members, especially in this vital point in their lives where big decisions have to be made. I see the light in their eyes, they truly have a testimony of the gospel deep within them. I know that as we help these young people prepare for temple covenants they will be able to receive all the wonderful blessings the lord has in store for them. 

        I am loving my mission. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now. I love serving the Lord and i hope to continue in this wonderful service for the rest of my life. There is no greater happiness than when you are in the service of your God. I truly believe this and i know that it is the way to a have a happy life. We receive so much more than we could ever give. Every thing we have is His. The only thing that is ours is our hearts and everything within them. Once we give our father our hearts, our dreams, desires, our families, the things we "want", our whole selves He will take us and mold us. He will help us reach the Divine Potential that HE sees in us. And what he sees in us is far greater than what we could ever see in ourselves. When we fully submit our selves to him, He will provide and bless us with opportunities to magnify our callings, to exercise faith, and to build our testimonies. I love Him and i know He loves me, as he does each and everyone of us. 

miss you much

Love you 

Elder Soren

We did this service project with some ware wolves from twilight it was crazy! haha

Monday, May 12, 2014



     This week has been so awesome! I am so excited for this transfer, my new area and companion. I am so grateful and blessed to have the calling I do. It has helped me be myself and use my talents and personality to move the work forward. As well as serve and help out other missionaries. I am so happy and I am very anxious to work hard in my new Zone.

      Elder Thomas and I are already brothers, we work very well together. He is an awesome missionary and I am glad that he will be able to train me on how to be a great leader. We were able to set a baptismal date the first night we were together. We get along and he really loves all the missionaries in our zone. He is such a great example. We work hard and we're happy.

       Our first Zone training together went really well, we were unified and prepared. I was pretty nervous being my first zone training but there was a power that came as we counseled together and shared my training. It was a power that came from my calling. It was so cool to feel the difference. The zone showed and expressed how motivated they were to continue setting monthly goals to baptize and the fire they have is so awesome! I am so excited for the miracles that will come forth in this Zone. We have a bunch of great missionaries, hard workers that really love the work. I am happy that I will be able to work and to learn from such great missionaries.

       We have been able to work a lot already with the missionaries in our Zone. This weekend we were able to attend 2 baptisms and help set them up for our missionaries. I love going to baptisms even though they're not mine, just having the opportunity to feel the spirit and see the happy faces of those who are entering into a covenant with our Heavenly Father makes my heart swell with joy. Just knowing how much this decision will bless their lives for eternity, I get so excited and I can't hold back a smile. This work is so heart warming and beautiful.

       We have a lot of potential in the YSA wards. I am so excited to serve the young singles here in Pocatello. I know that this type of missionary work will help me be who I really am and use my fun and energetic personality. The stake leaders and bishops are so fun and really love those they serve. I hope to stay here for a while, especially with elder Thomas he's the best.
        I am so excited to be a missionary, I love it more than anything. I hope to be a missionary all my life. I am loving my mission and I am so happy that I was called here to Idaho, the people, the environment, the missionaries, I know I was meant to be here.
        Hope Yall had a great mother's day with your mums!


Elder Soren

Companions Elder Thomas & Elder Soren

Elder Finau from Maui

Zone Leaders

                                                           we helped out at a food bank
                                                           and roller skating hahahahaha

Monday, May 5, 2014

Zone Leader May. 5. 2014


          Crazy crazy. This week has been nuts. So many tender mercies and so many changes. I am so happy and so excited for this next transfer.

President Brinkerhoff called this Thursday and flipped my world upside down. He called and said "Elder Soren, were gunna throw a tailspin, you ready?" .... I thought he was gunna have me train, but he called me to be a Zone Leader in the Pocatello South Zone. I was speechless haha I wasn't expecting that at all, especially only being out 7 months...I was pretty skeptical about it because I have so much more learn about mission fundamentals and organization but I know it will come as I serve with all my heart. I was happy and sad. I finally knew what it was like to love your district. I don't want to leave my missionaries in my district they have taught me so much and I am so sad to leave them. But I know the Lord has great things in store for me and my new calling. I know that this will help me be the missionary I want to be. I know it will bless my life and the lives of my fellow missionaries. I am so thankful that the Lord has entrusted me with this opportunity to Lead.

A Zone consists of 2 districts. Zone leaders are in a companionship, so there is 2 of us taking care of the 2 districts which will be nice. My new comp is Elder Thomas and he is literally a giant. We cover the YSA wards! this should be fun :) and we have a truck to drive because we cover a huge chunk of Poky finding all the young single adults. Im gunna gain so much weight... yayyyy. But im excited to do something different and experience new challenges.

I had the opportunity to attend Mission Leadership Council this past Thursday. It was so powerful and very motivating, It was exciting to be surrounded by the leaders in our mission. There was a spirit in the room that was different than most meetings. Everyone was working together towards one goal, helping other missionaries succeed in this marvelous work. I loved it and it answered so many questions I had and showed me how important being a mission leader is. I am so excited to improve and to learn.

This Saturday one of the Sister missionaries who is Samoan and lived in Laie for 2 years, baptized a Samoan Lady and her Grandma! I was so stoked. I got to interview them, I recognized a spirit and feeling i've felt once before. It was so heart warming to feel the Aloha that came from their love for the Lord. I was so happy to be in their presence.

At their baptism on Saturday I was in Heaven, I miss Polynesian people and culture so much. I have taken it for granted growing up and now that I have experienced a little bit of it in Pocatello (of all places) I yearn for it. I miss it so much. There was tons of family and the speakers were so awesome. I felt like I was at one of our home wards. After the baptism of course tons of food. I was so excited for this part. O tai and..... are you kidding me right now!!!! LUMPIAAAAAAA I about died when I saw it, I didn't even care if dinner was in 20 minutes I ate sooo much.

this week has been such an amazing experience for me on my mission. Its pretty crazy how even though im in the states there is a sense of belonging and love. That there is culture hidden within Pocatello.

 I love my mission so much. 2 years is too short. I would be happy serving here forever. I absolutely love it. I never want to stop serving my Heavenly Father.

I miss you all and wish you all my love.

Kia Kaha

Elder Soren


Elder Thomas my new giant companion