Monday, October 28, 2013

Week Five (second week in the field)

this week has been so amazing, so many blessings, so many miracles. my testimony has grown so much just this past week from everything that has happened. I learn so much each and every day. My outlook on life is so much different. My priorities are set on eternal life and the temporal things I once loved don't seem so fun anymore. I know the gospel is working inside me and helping me know whats important in this life. all through reading the book of Mormon and Listening to the prophets.
one of the scriptures that really impacted me this week was 2Nephi 9:14-16 the whole chapter is amazing but just knowing that because of our righteousness we will be clothed in glory in the last days. it motivated me to continue to live me life according to the gospel and that my righteous decisions will bless me and my family for eternity.
another scripture that I loved this morning was from one of Pes Monsons talks about "always being ready" its in 1 Peter 3:15. we should always be ready to share what we believe in and to not fear what people they think because it follows up in and what makes us most happy in life. even if some one asks whats the best part of our weekend. we should share what makes our hearts happy. you could be surprised how just saying how church was or what you learned in the scriptures could change someone's life. and treat everyone as if they are already members. don be skurddd.
We had a baptism this Saturday it was so wonderful! I got to baptize one of the 2 sisters, they were 9 and 12. the spirit was so strong and I was so happy to be able to preform one of the baptisms! I was so happy for these girls weve been teaching they have a rough situation but I know their lives will change from this decision. Sunday was just as spiritual being apart of the confirmation I felt the spirit so strong I was so happy that they could be confirmed members and receive the holy ghost. my heart was so full.
I have come to realize that there is a certain feeling I get when I study about the atonement and everything Jesus Christ is. Its a feeling that always comes after learning more and more about him my love for him grows each day. he is the center of everything I do and words cannot express my love for him.
I am loving my mission more and more each day. the people are so open to learning about the gospel and I see the blessings that come from being exactly obedient. me and my comp have chosen to not listen to music that takes our mind away from the work and only listen to uplifting music that invites the spirit. Immediately blessings poured out from the sky and we came in contact with so many new people and investigators. we have been obedient by showing the lord he can trust us with his work, and he has. we strive to find more ways we can be more obedient.
I am so grateful for everyone that has supported me and helped to have the opportunity to serve the lord. this is one of the most wonderful experiences of my life and its all thanks to you.
love and miss everyone
send me letters I love them! (emails are inconvenient I have all day to write only hour to email)
peace out from  Mellow Pocatello
Elder Soren

First baptism 

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