Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas miracles

      I know my last couple emails have been pretty junk, not as positive, and me just telling my trials. But I have learned and grown so much from all those experiences. I am so blessed that the Lord put trials in my life so that I could learn from them and become a stronger servant of the Lord. There is Sunlight in the Set backs.
      We have been sharing a message about Jesus when he was a child in Luke 2 the last 12 verses of the chapter gives the only account in the whole Bible of Christ when he was a child. From these 12 verses, I myself have learned so much about the Savior and what kind of person he was and will always be. That He needed to grow and learn as all of us do. That even as a child He knew He was the son of our Heavenly Father. That he had to fulfill the Lords will he had for him. He had to learn step by step untill he was ready to perform his purpose as our Savior and Redeemer. He had to go through literally EVERYTHING we will go through in this life to be ready, to grow, and make the atoning sacrifice he did. We have to learn step by step, line upon line, precept upon precept, following his example that we may one day become like him.
       One of the things that I've learned is that improving ourselves is one of the reasons why He sacrificed himself for us. That through the Atonement we may overcome our weaknesses and stand a little taller each time we fall. That when we rely on him in the times we are in the dumps he will deliver us. When we have no where else to turn, when we fall to the ground in sorrow, he will take our hands, ever so gently pick us up, dust off our clothes, pat us on the back, smile and walk beside us on the straight and narrow to the Gates of Heaven. He is there, He will never leave our side.
        This is what I love most about Christmas time that there is a Holiday that is focused on our Savior. That His spirit fills the season as we celebrate His birth.
        We have had miracles this week. Christmas miracles. With my new focus on the work and my desire to more fully put ALL of my attention on the Lord and his will for me as a disciple of Christ, we have seen fruits of our labor. We had 14 member present lessons this week. We set 4 baptismal dates. We contacted 9 refferals (big deal in our area). We now have 9 investigators with baptismal dates.  Last week we were struggling to have lessons and everyone was canceling on us. This week we were able to go forward with faith, work hard, and we were blessed. The numbers don't really matter, its the people. Talk about meeting amazing people on your mission. The People we set on date, Families who are open to hearing about the gospel, living righteous lives, and wanting to be eternal families. My heart has nothing but love for them.
 I have a strong testimony that the Lord truly does bless families. That the gospel is centered around families. That it is the only way we are able to be receive exaltation. I know that the Lord really has people prepared to hear our testimonies and to hear the message of the restored gospel. I know that EVERY trial we have is for our benefit. That Christ is always by our side helping us through our trials. Helping us every STEP we take on the straight and narrow path. That He himself provided for us. That we may learn and grow from each setback. I know he Loves me. I know he Loves you. Always turn to him For he is the way.
Cant wait to Skype on Christmas!!!!

Love you, miss you, miss the waves, the aina, enjoy Christmas in paradise as I eat snow for breakfast, lunch and dinner ;)
Much Love
Elder Soren<3

                                Sister Ockey before she left to serve in Argentina

                               Sister Narwood at the christmas party! we love visiting her


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