Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2 months down, 22 to go!


          This week was a bit slower were trying to find more people to teach. We were able to commit 2  people to baptism this week at a church tour. Church tours are awesome it helps those we take feel the spirit of the chapel without all the crying babies haha. We have a strong testimony of church tours. But since we baptised Fabian it got slower to were trying to keep busy but its good. Me and my Comp Elder Duano are like brothers we didnt want to be seperated at this last transfer and when we found out we were staying we were happy.
       I found that one of my favorite days of the week is Sunday. I love going to sacrement meeting and being in the chapel for 3 wards haha. I remember when i couldnt even handle 1 hour of sacrament now i go to 6 hours every sunday haha but i love it. its so relaxing being able to listen to hymns and people speak and just sit back and feel the spirit.
        Its sooooo cold i cant handle sometimes! its only like 20 degrees and  I freeeeze! Somtimes i do push ups on the side of the street to get some body heat hahah but i thought my fingers were gunna fall off the other night!
       My Testimony has grown so much these past few weeks and my personal conversion is getting stronger as well. ive been trying to work harder and be more obedient. Ive accepted my life as a missionary for the next 2 years. Battling with my old self and feeling more like this is a trip that l'll be going home soon or something but now ive adjusted and know that this is my life, and i love my life! i love learning and reading. studying the scriptures is my favorite thing i wish i had 3 hours of personal study everyday but we only get 1:( i feel like college will be easy after developing good study habits and searching for the meaning of symbols in the scriptures!
      My heart is always filled with so much joy when I take the time to listen to the spirit in all that i do. I found that actually living the gospel every minute is how we can all be so happy. It's like the secret to life haha its crazy to think about how people seem so unhappy sometimes and its right infront of them especially members too! being a missionry has taught me so much and i am so blessed to be able to share the secret to life with others.
  I've been learning about personal revelation in my studies and ive been working harder to develop a stronger relationship with the spirit. In doing so, i see how important "personal reveloation" is for everyone. We pray to speak to our Heavenly Father. When we read the scriptures He speaks to us. When we read the scriptures and apply our specific situation to the teachings he reveals his truths and answers to our prayers. He guides us through the scriptures. i feel like if anyone asked me what should i do about this or that easy, pray and read the scriptures. I have a testimony that when we ask and read that Heavenly Father answers those questions and we receive so much joy and happiness.
i love being a missionary and i am so happy to hear about all those who are geting their calls around the world especially my friends. To be able to embark on this wonderful happy journey spreading the gospel and helping bring families into eternal happiness.
love you miss you
Elder Soren

                              Some other Elders had Musubis and they shared with us.
                                                         SO happy :)

Knocked on the wrong door?

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