Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hey Hey!

      This week has been pretty good, im getting to know the area a little better and meeting all the members. They are awesome, we have smaller wards here so its a lot different. The people in my area are supportive in helping us with our missionary work!

       My companion is awesome, he puts up with my crazy noises and all the energy I release when we get home that I have stored throughout the day. Haha. that hasn't changed. He has taught me a lot just from his example. Im excited to work with him and work hard in my new area.

        There are a couple guys that we are teaching who live in a recovery home. They are the most humble guys. One of them expressed his feelings about the Holy Ghost  and being baptized he said " i can't wait to be baptized so i can feel the holy ghost every second!". They go to church every Sunday and read their scriptures everyday. The junk thing is that they can't get baptized till 2016 because of their parole. But they are converted in their hearts and thats all that matters. Meeting with them is always a humbling experience. 

       We had our first district meeting this week. I was so nervous but the other missionaries said it went well and they enjoyed it so I was happy. Im getting the hang of things but still got a lot to learn and to focus on. One of the things that I like about the district leader calling is talking to the other missionaries and helping them and encouraging them. The sisters in my district are so awesome they are always stoked to work and they made me cookies haha. The only set of Elders I have are pretty hilarious and we all get along pretty well. They are all hard working missionaries its so good to learn from every single one of them. They all have different and unique personalities, and its so awesome to see their desire and potential. 

       One of the most wonderful things that I love about the calling i have is that i get to serve and think about others and i dont have time to think about myself. When you perform service for others you really are the most happy. I haven't worried about ME and all MY struggles this past week and its been the most wonderful week. I am so happy that i have been given a job in the mission, a job that pays in joy. 

I love my mission
i love my calling
im stoked to serve

Elder Soren


Monday, February 17, 2014

A Morning With Elder Bendar and an Evening with a Set of Twins

    What an amazing week! We had so many wonderful experiences this week. An Apostle spoke with our whole mission, Baptisms, new area, new callings, dang so much in a short 5 days! I am so excited for this transfer!

     My new area is awesome I really like it. Elder Edwards is my new companion he's pretty cool! We live up on a hill with a sweet view and the area is really nice. We live in an apartment complex, though I miss grandma's house... But its sweet. I'm stoked for the hills, we walk up hills and down hills all day, hopefully I loose weight hahaha yeah right... The people i've met so far are awesome. I'm excited to learn more about the area and i'm ready to work!

     Elder Bednar

        Saturday morning our whole mission met in Pocatello for a 3 hour meeting with Elder Bednar. It was one of the most amazing meetings I have ever been in. The meeting started at 8 and we were all there so excited I made sure I got a good seat up in the front :D  Elder Clayton of the 70 was there as his companion as well as Elder Webb. They spoke first including Elder Bednar's wife.  Their talks were very inspiring and powerful.  After they finished, the Apostle himself spoke to us. We all had our note pads and scriptures out and one of the first things he said was "do not take notes...listen and feel, let the spirit teach you" so we all just paid attention. He was pretty funny too! the first 10 minutes he was making jokes, it was sweet to see that even leaders of the Church are fun family men that enjoy their life in service of the Lord. I was expecting something like general conference where we would sit there and listen to his council. Nope he asked us questions and we answered. Then we asked him questions too! It was a discussion with 264 missionaries. He talked about missionary work and learning by the spirit. He talked about temples and families. He talked a lot about personal conversion. That was one of his main topics. There were so many points that he brought up that answered questions i've had in my heart for a while. It was such an amazing experience. The Spirit was so strong. He taught us how to use the spirit in our teachings. He made us realize the patterns that are all around us and the patterns of teaching. He gave us the opportunity to ask any question we had for an apostle if we never had another chance. There were so many awesome questions and insights. He had his wife and companions come up several times to tag team teach and answer our questions. it was so awesome. His testimony at the end was one of divine witness, that this is the true Church of our Savior Jesus Christ. 

      After the meeting he exited quickly through the side door and we all got up to get our lunches and bags. My companion and I were in the hall-way just chillin away from everyone else and I set my bag down next to the wall and I turned and looked up and right there was his wife walking past so my reaction was to shake her hand, and then HIS followed. I SHOOK HIS HAND.... I was so excited because no one got to shake his hand other than those on the stand because he left right away. But I got that opportunity to. I was happy. It's crazy how one could get so excited from just a handshake.
        I wish I could express and tell you everything that was said.  My whole soul was filled with the spirit and I learned so much by this apostolic discussion. I know that he is called of God to lead us in these latter days.  I know that his special witness is one of authority and power. He is such an amazing man. He told us that the reason he asked us questions was to help us receive personal and individual revelation from the Holy Ghost.  I have received my personal and individual revelation on how I will live my life, for the rest of my life.
      I have received my answers to how I can become more converted unto the Lord and the desires of my heart, the things I yearn for in this life may be fulfilled as I continue to serve the Lord with all of my heart, might, mind, and strength.

  The Twins Baptism  

     Later that evening I had the wonderful opportunity to preform the baptism of The Edwards twins. It was a privilege to perform this sacred ordinance for these 2 siblings. It was such a great experience and the room was full of people and the spirit. The families and the ward were so helpful with being there for support. I am so happy for their family. They have had a rough past couple months but I know that their mom was so happy and I am glad that they have this wonderful gospel to bring joy and everlasting happiness to their life.
      With only working with the Edwards family for a short month I have come to love their family.  Sister Edwards is the best. She is hilarious, crazy fun.  She had us over last Monday for dinner with the Barela family and it was soo fun. I am so happy to have one big Ohana here in Idaho. They are so loving and take care of us like we're their own.

        Like I said I wish I could express all the wonderful feelings and show you these miracles that have overwhelmed me with joy this week. But the only thing I could suggest is to go on a mission and you will feel this way as well.  I love my mission.  I Love my Heavenly Father.  I love my Savior and His Gospel. I am blessed that I have this happiness in my life.

Wouldn't Trade My Mission for the World.

Elder Soren

The Edwards family, me and Elder Dunlap

The Twins

my new house
the view

Elder Plunkett and Elder Ah Puck, Hauula BOIZ

I made some crrrriiippppp pok'e
the other day   

little kids pogo stick lol

I have a frog on my face

Unko neva shave long time

Hair Style

Monday, February 10, 2014

Called to be a District Leader in the Pocatello North Zone

 Tēna Koutou

  This week has been pretty crazy, We have been teaching more lessons which is awesome! And we have a baptism coming up this Saturday! For a set of 9 year old twins. Im so excited cuz I get to baptize them!

     But the highlight of the week was transfer calls. I was called to be a District Leader in the Pocatello North Zone. I was pretty baffled because I feel like im still trying to learn how to be a missionary. But I am really excited to have this calling. Its a calling of service to fellow missionaries and those in my new area. I am more than willing and honored to receive this calling. I have looked at it as an answer to my prayers.

      I have been asking Heavenly Father for change, I have been wanting change in my mission. I noticed that the district i was in was causing me to get too relaxed. I asked to strengthen me and help me to be more focused on the work. Ive been asking for help to be the missionary i want to be not the missionary i have been. I have been distracted by a lot of things and my efforts haven't been where i want them to be. But now I am almost forced to focus, I am motivated knowing that i have to be an example to the missionaries in my district. I have to work harder so that they can trust me. I want to be a great missionary and i know that this calling will help me achieve that. I am nothing more than blessed. I am just another missionary like everyone else but with more responsibilities.

       Im super excited because Elder Duano my trainer is going to be my Zone Leader and train me on how to be a district leader! I was sooooo stoked because we work so well together and he is such an awesome missionary. Crazy that we're together again.

       Elder Dunlap will be staying in this area, follow up training, a trial missionary.

     Stoked to stoke.

     When i found out i was leaving my area i was pretty sad. This is home to me, the members, the friends i've made, those i've come to love. Yesterday's fast & testimony meeting was like another mission farewell, they announced that i was leaving in all 3 wards and i was like dang i didn't want anyone to know but, i bore my testimony. It was hard because i could see my new ohana in the isles. Leaving loved ones once again. But i know that the Lord has prepared his children in the Alameda stake to hear my testimony. I have been prepared to be a leader. I know that this is the will of my Heavenly Father. A good friend of mine, told me "God trusts you enough with what he has given you...Because he knows you can do anything he asks" this has comforted me and i fear not. I know that the only way i can fulfill this calling is to put all of my trust in the Lord, and do anything and everything he tells me.

       This Morning Elder Malau'ulu is going home, he finished his mission. It was hard to say good bye to him. He was there to pick me up from the mission home, he was there when i was struggling, he played a big part in helping Pocatello feel like home. He's my giant Samoan brother. He has taught me so much and how i can be a great missionary. He is such an amazing example. We would call each other Sole and eat Hawaiian and Samoan food all the time. MUSUBI'S almost everyday. I nick named him pani po po, hahaha. Im gunnna miss him. 

      Because i was leaving the area the Aki's had us over for dinner! i was sooooooo stoked because we had POI. I didn't know how much i loved poi!!! I have all kinds of Hawaiian food here but the POI made everything feel like i was back at home! We also had Pok'e!! I was like noooo wayyyy. You don't even know how happy i was. Also lomi salmon and fish cake. SO SO SO happy. Another member gave me 3 things of Portuguese sausage!!! cant wait fo grind one mean dinnah tonight! CHEEE HEEE hahaha.

      I am so excited for this new transfer. I am so excited to be a new missionary. I know that my Heavenly Father has placed me exactly where i need to be. He knows that it will bless my mission and my Life. I know that he answers prayers with callings or trials, for our experience. I love my savior. I know that the key to reach our full potential is to ask for his help. He preformed an atonement so that we can improve. Lets take every advantage of this gift to grow and learn. He didn't die for us for fun. He has blessed us with a gift and i have learned how to use it. It has worked miracles in my life. I wouldn't be who i am without my Savior. I love my Heavenly Father, I love my Savior, I love my Mission, I love my Family.

i aroha koutou katoa ( i love you all )

Elder Soren 

Dinner with the Aki's

Dinner with the Gibson's

Elder Malau'ulu and I

Our Zone

Elder Polley and I were stuck outside the Stake Center
with an hour till a baptismal interview,
so we found some cardboard and went snow shredding!

One hour!

ALOHA KAKOU!                                                                                                             Feb. 5, 2014

       Ive been working on my hawaiian lately, a lot of people ask if i play the Ukulele and what not and I hang my head with shame...so shame... haha 
       We had our stake conference this week, it was amazing. They were reorganizing the High Council. So we were visited by an Apostle, Elder Marcus B Nash of the 70. It was such a powerful stake conference.

       We were able to go to the Priesthood session where He spoke with Elder Erickson from the area 70. The spirit was so strong. They talked about the Priesthood and how its Gods Power and we hold it, what a privileged it is that Heavenly Father trusts us with this remarkable power. How we can be better fathers and the importance of Priesthood holders.

       I dont know what it is about me and Stake Conferences, but Elder Dunlap and I had the opportunity with the Cedar 3rd ward council to role play on the stand, of a high council meeting in front of the stake... Elder Nash and the New stake President... Mission Pres. & Counselors, etc. No pressure... We were to focus the meeting on missionary work and how the ward council could help this one family. With no guidelines from Elder Nash, we relied solemnly on the spirit. Being the main characters in this role play we did our best. It went according to what we planned with the bishop and the ward council. Elder Nash was happy with our missionary meeting. I was glad when it was over! haha... nervous.
       He proceeded to introduce his talk about "the Hastening of the Work of Salvation", Members and Missionaries working together to hasten his work. He spoke about the hastening and how we can all be member missionaries.

       One of the things that really impacted me was when he was shared and spoke about D&C 138:55-57 "the noble and great ones who were chosen in the beginning ". He talked about the pre-earth life and how we had friends we needed to find. After expounding on the scripture a little more, Elder Nash then explained that "you have been preparing long before you were born to serve the Lord." I really thought and continue to ponder about this statement. I thought to myself " I chose to serve a mission before I was born, I chose to come to earth now, at this time, to find those who I promised to find." This statement and concept of "people we promised to find" is only a reminder of what my wise Mother had once told me. This same testimony drove me in my "Mission Papers" process. Its driven me through the 3 long months before my mission, 2 weeks in the MTC and continues to drive my passion for this work.

       An Elder who I look up to shared this poem with me which is perfect and powerful in every line in relation to this divine driving force...

I'll Find You My Friend

Author unknown
I was thinking about our friendship, 
and these are my feelings:

In heaven we were the best of friends.

We did everything together.
One day, a grand council was called in heaven.
We knew it was an important event.
Everyone was there --
Moses, Noah and Jesus Christ.
Father presented a plan,
And we voted for Christ to be our Savior.
After the council, we ran to get in line
to receive our life package.
In the bustle, we were separated.
I received my package and ran to you.
You were sitting under a tree.
We opened our packages,
Mine said I would be born at a time
When the gospel was restored to the earth.
It said that I would have good parents,
And the fullness of the gospel in my home.
I jumped for joy and we hugged each other.
You were so happy for me. Then you read yours.
I saw the tears in your eyes and I asked what was wrong?
You said that you would also be born when the gospel was restored,
But you would be born in a different place,
And the gospel would not be in your home.
You looked me straight in the eye and said:
 No matter what it takes or the trials you have to endure,
and bring me the gospel of Jesus Christ.

       I know that I waited to come to earth here and now, to find those I've promised to bring them this gift. Those who wouldn't be born in this gospel. I know I promised many, that I would find them. I would bring them the eternal plan of love and happiness of our loving heavenly father. So that we could continue to be friends in eternity. Words cannot express my thanks to my wonderful mother who made that necessary decision to be married in the temple to my humble father. I am so blessed to be born into this gospel. I am lucky to have been raised in its doctrine. Those who weren't so lucky... it is my duty and our duty to find them and bring them with us to enter that celestial home where our Eternal Father lives. We must do out part to open our mouths and share the happiness and joy that comes from this gospel. We will "take them with us" into the Kingdom of our Father. I know this is the only true gospel on this earth, one that we must "simply" share to our brothers and sisters. I love being a missionary and having the privilege to show my love to my savior, by fulfilling my calling as a messenger of these Eternal Truths.

Elder Soren

Me and my tall comp... I look 5 yrs old... hahha  #youngblood

with Elder Nash

Hahaha!  Elder Soren & Elder Dunlap