Monday, November 11, 2013

Stomach Flu - Week 7


this week has been alright nothing too exciting just fulfilling the Lords work n all, ha nah its been pretty good just visiting a buncha families and people!
One of the things ive learned this week is to have faith that our Heavenly Father will deliver you. I got a stomach flu Saturdaynight and I was back n forth to the bathroom all night. pretty miserable. On top of that I was feeling a little home sick and was over being actually sick so it wasn't fun. I just wanted to be at home watching movies with rani or something. I wanted to lay on the beach and chill on the sand. I was feeling like 2 years is soo long:(
 Because I was up I watched "Legacy" the pioneer movie. Seeing all that they went through I felt pretty lame just having a stomach flu while they were dealing with deadly illnesses and deaths and I was complaining about a flu. I was humbled watching these faithful members knowing that they are on their way to zion and through their trials and tribulations they still had faith that the Lord would deliver them. One part in the movie the family has to send their father off on a mission, a husband off to the war. these men were away from their families for who knows when and if they would ever make it back but they still went because of their faith in the Lord and their desire to serve. I was motivated seeing their example and the strength of their testimonies. that I have it so good being a missionary in these latter days being able to email my family and have all the wonderful things we have today.
My humbling experience with this stomach flu has helped me have more appreciation for the things I have and this wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord and build up his Kingdom. I am so grateful to be able to be a missionary!
other than that nothing to exciting, my companion and I are doing awesome he teaches me a ton of stuff hes very smart with the doctrine. getting ready for the cold!!!
hope everyone at home has been doing okay despite the ugly weather! Miss everyone
miss the beach but I know this is where I need to be!
email ya next week
Elder Soren

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