Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 11

This week has been good! our area is starting to progress more and we have 6 people on date! there have been so many miracles with our investigators and the new investigators we have now. Like every week we have our struggles, people canceling appointments and our investigators are starting to have trials before their baptism so please pray for them! We need all the prayers we can get!
   There have been so many blessings that we have received and the work is picking up again! we are happy that we are able to have more lessons during the week. we have seen the fruits from our labors now and were glad we can have more work!thats the cool thing about the mission... You want WORK. Kinda funny thinking about young adults praying for work, usually we have to work, find jobs that we dont like, or are annoyed with. But the mission teachers us to work hard. Because we know the Eternal outcome of hard work we are motivated to find all the work we can get. Which will help us prepare for when we come home, knowing we need to start working, to one day to provide for a family. Our Eternal Families. haha I can't wait to come home and get 2 Jobs plus Soren Hawaii. Sounds crazy but right now thats all i wanna do, use my time wisely and be productive.
    I have had a trial this week that helped me re-establish my purpose as a missionary and whats important. I was on exchanges for my birthday last week. I was on exchanges this week for 2 days and missed our wards christmas parties. I was super bummed out all day. but then i thought about why i am on a mission. To go to christmas parties, have fun with members, and eat food? no im here to preach the gospel and fulfill the Lords work. I learned that there is one thing thats the most important priority on a mission. To bring others to baptism, and all that follows. I know that i need to work harder and that my focus is not on the other things of the mission but the most important. Only reason we are on a mission, to bring others unto Christ.
    I am so excited for this up comming week, to be able to go forward with my new focus and desire to work. I know, that even in the mission it takes time and trials to grow and to become a better person and a better missionary.
   I am so happy to be able to have the Lord by my side to help me with my trials. I am grateful for His atonement, how we are able to progress and improve each day to be more like him.

Elder Soren

our favorite pug dog named NELLIE 

Me and Sister Ockey! She leaves tomorrow to Argentina

At Zone Conference with Sister Gale and Sister Riding

the Elders in the district

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