Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week Four


       This week has been so good so busy, our schedules are soo busy. its good tho! we have a baptism this coming Saturday that were excited for. We have a lot of families were teaching and its always a fun time! My testimony has grown soo much since ive been out i have learned so much and ive been so blessed. people aren't kidding when they say missionary work is hard. im happy tho im happy we stay busy. Ive learned so much, i know learning and studying the gospel is working inside me as well my desires of what i want in this life has changed, i feel the conversion that's taking place within me. i love it, i go to bed every night so happy so proud to be a missionary and to be able to build up the Lords Kingdom on this earth. i am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity. The work and living the gospel is probably one of the most happiest things in life and i encourage you to help the girls understand these things.
 Starting with reading the Book of Mormon my testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown so much and i know that if you help ally and rani read it every day and understand the principals and doctrine behind it blessings will follow, acts of faith will follow. their love for the gospel will grow and they will enjoy every minute of it. it takes time but it will work.
 We have been trying to be more obedient so that the lord will trust us with more work, our music is approved but were going to try and listen to only uplifting gospel music, its really hard because its something me and Elder Duano are really passionate about and its something that we try to justify. the music isn't bad at all but were trying to listen to music that will entertain us but music that will uplift and help us feel the spirit. so were going to try and be more obedient to be able to gain more of the lords trust.
Return missionaries don't lie when they say your going to get investigators who spit questions concerning the gospel and Book of Mormon. He was telling us how there are so many inconsistencies in the Book of Mormon and the Bible and how there archeological proof of it. He tested us but could not shake our faith. it gave us more of a desire to learn about the history and motivated us to know more about the Book of Mormon and the Bible.
 I am having such a great time, i love being a missionary its pure joy. i know that you ally and rani will be blessed because i am away so don't worry just be the best you all can be, study the scriptures together, pray together make them go to seminary cuz i wish i did but im learning now help them to understand the gospel and how much our Heavenly Father loves us.  I know your trials and things that stress the family out will be lightened that you guys will have the strength to overcome these trials as long as you have faith. i love you guys so much and wish i could be with you everyday but i know how important this work is and i would rather be here being an instrument in the lords hand than being a beach bum back home.
love you guys
keep it classy, not sassy
Love Elder Soren

oh yeah and i'm learning how to play the guitar

                                                we had a 3rd companion for 1 day 
                              and a service project that we re re-roofed someones house
                                                                   lol how ironic

and some nerd game we play on pday haha its pretty fun

                                                          we had a bbbq and bbq spam
                                                there's a samoan in my zone he's the man
                                                            reminds me of home haha

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