Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 3 - Pocatello Central West

                                               Elder Soren with his Trainer and Companion

       I don't start emails till around 11 or 12, im loving it the work is definitely challenge but its awesome, my companion is Filipino, from the Philippines. When I saw him the first night I thought he coulda been from Hawaii. Hes my trainer. Hes awesome we get along really well and he teaches me a lot. I'm serving right now in the Pocatello Central West area where elder beatty last served. I live with a grandma in her basement we call her grandma or Lola hahha shes really nice tho and our set up is nice too old house a grandma house pretty much but its good. 

yesterday was pretty busy we went to all 3 sacraments and the last one was a farewell but we got to eat so it was good haha. I met a Hannaman Irina something her husband is from millilani shes aunty melitas cuzin or something. the families were teaching are pretty funny and were teaching a lot of kids younger than 16 so its always fun. the people are nice the weathers not too bad so far kinda cold but winter will be worse. we teach this funny crazy family with 2 black girls and their step mom and younger step sisters they told me my face looks like a babies butt hahhahahah I asked them to explain and they said it looks soft hahha their funny and their little sister in the prayer said bless the mission-fairies hahaha I like Idaho so far tho its different for sure liking the new experiences. people are sometimes surprised when I say im from Hawaii but they all know elder beatty so its not too shocking ha. no can Skype tho chat only if your on when im on. Prez is really nice he's stern but loving I guess like your dad. his wife is really nice as well. Im learning a lot and getting used to the mission life its gunna take some getting used to but I like it. ill try send some pics. I met Francis Aki he said he surfed with dad and knew him growing up hes in one of my wards pretty cool, he took us to walmart just before I came to email cool to meet someone who knew dad.i love it here tho im so happy to be a missionary and my testimony has grown soo much its awesome.
 Get the girls active in their reading the Book of Mormon and prayers, church, seminary ect. I wish I did even tho they might not go on missions the gospel is something ive learned that helps us in life in general more than we could ever imagine so please tell them even tho they might be lazy or impatient have them read and pray about what they read and to think about it. its blessed me soo much so far and blessings continue to come so I hope you do the same and I know Heavenly Father will be with you guys and that your burdens may seem lighter love you guys so much miss you like crazy tell the girls I love um and to be obedient.
 also work on your guys missionary work as well like the prophets have said  in conference, pray and ask for inspiration to help those that might need the gospel in their lives even !!family!! or friends...
uhh send me letters also I like looking forward to "mail" something fun to receive
love you, miss you
Elder Soren

ps: don't call me elder j

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