Monday, November 4, 2013

100% committed

This week...
has been pretty slow considering Halloween were were on lock down, we had a bunch of service projects, so I didn't really feel like missionary work. especially that it was much slower than usual but its picking up this week!
yesterday one of our investigators, Fabian who is 15 bore his testimony and told the ward the date of his baptism. I was so proud of him I was smiling from ear to ear.
I have come to realize the reason of my joy in this work is seeing the spirit work in others. that I am a worthy instrument in the lords hands to cause people to feel the power of the spirit.
my companion makes me give all the blessings of comfort and healing to help me get better and experience them more. and I have seen the blessings of the power of the priesthood and it makes my heart so happy to be able to give some one a blessing and know that there is peace in their heart.
we had dinner at a members home with 2 little girls, twins, recently divorced and as we finished a fun lesson about the good Samaritan, he asked us for a blessing. after I gave him the blessing he stood up with tear filled eyes as he thanked us and walked us out. on our way home it the windy cold streets of Pocatello the only feeling in my heart was warmth. I was so happy that I was a servant of the Lord. A worthy tool in his work. to be able to bless the lives of others and bring happiness and comfort in their lives. My appreciation for worthily having the Gift of The Holy Ghost has grown so much knowing that it is only through him that these things are possible. For if it were not for the spirit we will fail at this work...
Concerning the Temple situation with the Gov. I have complete faith that the Lord will no let this evil thing bring down his holy temples. I know that the Priesthood axillaries who hold the authority and keys will be able to overcome this test of our faith. that we as members should do all we can to not take matters into our own hands and take away the authority of leaders that have been called upon for specific situations like this. that we will pray and fast and do all we can on our part with our responsibilities as members and have faith. that we must stand on our foundation which is upon the "rock of our redeemer...that when the devil shall send forth his mighty shall have no power over you...because of the rock which ye are built" (HEL 5:12) this is one of my favorite scriptures because I know the foundation that is under my feet is of Christ and he shall not let me fall.
my mission is the best thing ever I have come to love the families and people of Pocatello and my heart is so happy to be apart of this sacred work.
I am motivated even more this next week to be the best missionary I can be!
love you, miss you
Elder Soren

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