Monday, October 28, 2013

Week Five (second week in the field)

this week has been so amazing, so many blessings, so many miracles. my testimony has grown so much just this past week from everything that has happened. I learn so much each and every day. My outlook on life is so much different. My priorities are set on eternal life and the temporal things I once loved don't seem so fun anymore. I know the gospel is working inside me and helping me know whats important in this life. all through reading the book of Mormon and Listening to the prophets.
one of the scriptures that really impacted me this week was 2Nephi 9:14-16 the whole chapter is amazing but just knowing that because of our righteousness we will be clothed in glory in the last days. it motivated me to continue to live me life according to the gospel and that my righteous decisions will bless me and my family for eternity.
another scripture that I loved this morning was from one of Pes Monsons talks about "always being ready" its in 1 Peter 3:15. we should always be ready to share what we believe in and to not fear what people they think because it follows up in and what makes us most happy in life. even if some one asks whats the best part of our weekend. we should share what makes our hearts happy. you could be surprised how just saying how church was or what you learned in the scriptures could change someone's life. and treat everyone as if they are already members. don be skurddd.
We had a baptism this Saturday it was so wonderful! I got to baptize one of the 2 sisters, they were 9 and 12. the spirit was so strong and I was so happy to be able to preform one of the baptisms! I was so happy for these girls weve been teaching they have a rough situation but I know their lives will change from this decision. Sunday was just as spiritual being apart of the confirmation I felt the spirit so strong I was so happy that they could be confirmed members and receive the holy ghost. my heart was so full.
I have come to realize that there is a certain feeling I get when I study about the atonement and everything Jesus Christ is. Its a feeling that always comes after learning more and more about him my love for him grows each day. he is the center of everything I do and words cannot express my love for him.
I am loving my mission more and more each day. the people are so open to learning about the gospel and I see the blessings that come from being exactly obedient. me and my comp have chosen to not listen to music that takes our mind away from the work and only listen to uplifting music that invites the spirit. Immediately blessings poured out from the sky and we came in contact with so many new people and investigators. we have been obedient by showing the lord he can trust us with his work, and he has. we strive to find more ways we can be more obedient.
I am so grateful for everyone that has supported me and helped to have the opportunity to serve the lord. this is one of the most wonderful experiences of my life and its all thanks to you.
love and miss everyone
send me letters I love them! (emails are inconvenient I have all day to write only hour to email)
peace out from  Mellow Pocatello
Elder Soren

First baptism 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week Four


       This week has been so good so busy, our schedules are soo busy. its good tho! we have a baptism this coming Saturday that were excited for. We have a lot of families were teaching and its always a fun time! My testimony has grown soo much since ive been out i have learned so much and ive been so blessed. people aren't kidding when they say missionary work is hard. im happy tho im happy we stay busy. Ive learned so much, i know learning and studying the gospel is working inside me as well my desires of what i want in this life has changed, i feel the conversion that's taking place within me. i love it, i go to bed every night so happy so proud to be a missionary and to be able to build up the Lords Kingdom on this earth. i am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity. The work and living the gospel is probably one of the most happiest things in life and i encourage you to help the girls understand these things.
 Starting with reading the Book of Mormon my testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown so much and i know that if you help ally and rani read it every day and understand the principals and doctrine behind it blessings will follow, acts of faith will follow. their love for the gospel will grow and they will enjoy every minute of it. it takes time but it will work.
 We have been trying to be more obedient so that the lord will trust us with more work, our music is approved but were going to try and listen to only uplifting gospel music, its really hard because its something me and Elder Duano are really passionate about and its something that we try to justify. the music isn't bad at all but were trying to listen to music that will entertain us but music that will uplift and help us feel the spirit. so were going to try and be more obedient to be able to gain more of the lords trust.
Return missionaries don't lie when they say your going to get investigators who spit questions concerning the gospel and Book of Mormon. He was telling us how there are so many inconsistencies in the Book of Mormon and the Bible and how there archeological proof of it. He tested us but could not shake our faith. it gave us more of a desire to learn about the history and motivated us to know more about the Book of Mormon and the Bible.
 I am having such a great time, i love being a missionary its pure joy. i know that you ally and rani will be blessed because i am away so don't worry just be the best you all can be, study the scriptures together, pray together make them go to seminary cuz i wish i did but im learning now help them to understand the gospel and how much our Heavenly Father loves us.  I know your trials and things that stress the family out will be lightened that you guys will have the strength to overcome these trials as long as you have faith. i love you guys so much and wish i could be with you everyday but i know how important this work is and i would rather be here being an instrument in the lords hand than being a beach bum back home.
love you guys
keep it classy, not sassy
Love Elder Soren

oh yeah and i'm learning how to play the guitar

                                                we had a 3rd companion for 1 day 
                              and a service project that we re re-roofed someones house
                                                                   lol how ironic

and some nerd game we play on pday haha its pretty fun

                                                          we had a bbbq and bbq spam
                                                there's a samoan in my zone he's the man
                                                            reminds me of home haha

Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 3 - Pocatello Central West

                                               Elder Soren with his Trainer and Companion

       I don't start emails till around 11 or 12, im loving it the work is definitely challenge but its awesome, my companion is Filipino, from the Philippines. When I saw him the first night I thought he coulda been from Hawaii. Hes my trainer. Hes awesome we get along really well and he teaches me a lot. I'm serving right now in the Pocatello Central West area where elder beatty last served. I live with a grandma in her basement we call her grandma or Lola hahha shes really nice tho and our set up is nice too old house a grandma house pretty much but its good. 

yesterday was pretty busy we went to all 3 sacraments and the last one was a farewell but we got to eat so it was good haha. I met a Hannaman Irina something her husband is from millilani shes aunty melitas cuzin or something. the families were teaching are pretty funny and were teaching a lot of kids younger than 16 so its always fun. the people are nice the weathers not too bad so far kinda cold but winter will be worse. we teach this funny crazy family with 2 black girls and their step mom and younger step sisters they told me my face looks like a babies butt hahhahahah I asked them to explain and they said it looks soft hahha their funny and their little sister in the prayer said bless the mission-fairies hahaha I like Idaho so far tho its different for sure liking the new experiences. people are sometimes surprised when I say im from Hawaii but they all know elder beatty so its not too shocking ha. no can Skype tho chat only if your on when im on. Prez is really nice he's stern but loving I guess like your dad. his wife is really nice as well. Im learning a lot and getting used to the mission life its gunna take some getting used to but I like it. ill try send some pics. I met Francis Aki he said he surfed with dad and knew him growing up hes in one of my wards pretty cool, he took us to walmart just before I came to email cool to meet someone who knew dad.i love it here tho im so happy to be a missionary and my testimony has grown soo much its awesome.
 Get the girls active in their reading the Book of Mormon and prayers, church, seminary ect. I wish I did even tho they might not go on missions the gospel is something ive learned that helps us in life in general more than we could ever imagine so please tell them even tho they might be lazy or impatient have them read and pray about what they read and to think about it. its blessed me soo much so far and blessings continue to come so I hope you do the same and I know Heavenly Father will be with you guys and that your burdens may seem lighter love you guys so much miss you like crazy tell the girls I love um and to be obedient.
 also work on your guys missionary work as well like the prophets have said  in conference, pray and ask for inspiration to help those that might need the gospel in their lives even !!family!! or friends...
uhh send me letters also I like looking forward to "mail" something fun to receive
love you, miss you
Elder Soren

ps: don't call me elder j

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Photos from the MTC!

Provo Temple with companion Elder Cocke (Coke)

MTC companion Elder Cocke

Elder Soren with his District (he was the District Leader)

With Elder Ah Puck of Hauula who was the other District Leader

The whole Zone (Elder Ah Puck and Elder Soren's 2 Districts)

Mahalo for the gifts Kent and Susan Diamond.  

Everyone else, feel free to write or send treats anytime.  

His address is:  

Elder Jack-Henry Soren 
Idaho Pocatello Mission 
1246 Yellowstone Ave Ste. F3
Pocatello, ID 83201-4372
United States

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Week 2 - MTC

Im having such an awesome time here in the MTC being district leader has taught me soooo much ive seen so many miricales. ive learned sooo much about the gospel. this calling is such a blessing i am so happy to serve the lord. ive learned so much about the gospel and teaching i cant wait to get out in the field! so excited i feel so ready to teach but i know i have alot more to learn. ive learned alot and gotten alot better at teaching with the spirit and helping investigators feel comfortable. sooo awesome. i love everything im learning. ive had some struggles with a trio companionship in my district all three of them had issues. ones going home because he feels he needs to be home and he explained why and told us in his blessing he serves a second mission. one got a dear john haha that sucked but hes solid now. and one is kinda crazy and disruptive in class and A.D.D. but we figured it all out and i know the lord has helped us through our trials. were all solid now and were finishing off the week great! so excited to go! but ill miss it here i love my district and the sisters are so sweet. they all asked for my email to email me when everyone goes into the field ..... hahah nah nah nah they're awesome sisters. My companion Elder Cocke (coke) is sooo funny and such an awesome companion he drives me nuts sometimes but its a good crazy haha he said his favorite place to be is in a production facility in a cubical..... i bet you wonder how i get along with him hahahhahah were complete opposites but when were togeather learning and teaching were bossin, we kill it when we teach its so sick love that guy. sooo exhausting very little sleep but i know the lord helps us push through the hard times.
love ya
elder jack jack

A few photos of Elder Soren saying goodbye:

Week 1 - Missionary Training Center

im having such a great time! i love it here, the spirit is so strong! i just feel so full everyday, i feel like i have so much to learn with so little time. i love class time because we learn so much and its not boring because its something i want to learn about! the only boring thing is when the district presidents speak and like welcome you. but learning is so great ive learned soo much these first 2 days. i feel like i know 10x more than i did today than yesterday. its awesome! everyone here is nice i dorm with 4 other elders. My companion is Elder Cocke (coke) he is an interesting kid, from Michigan, likes computers and said he used to work for a reverse aid cameras on the back of cars in like a factory he said he wants to be the factory manager hahahah love um tho. the other 3 elders are a trio they are pretty cool i didn't like one at first because he was a comedian and teased all the leaders and all the elders. but hes better now.  i think he was just nervous and thats how he got comfortable. I live right next to Elder Ah Puck i see him a lot hes in my zone which consists of 2 districts with elders and sisters i think 5 elders 4 sisters in each. the MTC is a wonderful place so  many different languages and people. we have to treat it like its almost the temple with alot of respect. last night we had a welcome to the MTC zone meeting i was falling asleep for most of it then we had personal interviews with the 1st counselors just basic questions just to get to know us. at the end of the meeting they pulled me and Elder Ah Puck aside (he thought our missions were gunna change) i had no idea why they wanted the hawaii boys hahahaha, but the 1st counselor told Me and Elder Ah Puck that we will be the district leaders for your zone. so me and him take care of the elders and sisters in our district. i take care of the 4 elders in my room and the 4 sisters. Elder Ah Puck the same for his room and his Sisters. we go to meetings conduct and welcome in class and all that fun stuff. crazy how us 2 from hawaii both became district leaders. way busier now but im so gratefull for the calling. i cant wait to learn more and get out in the field i know these next 10 days in the mtc are gunna go by so fast and so slow at the same time. im excited to learn tho.