Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Stoked! the Big 20...

What an amazing week! I am so stoked to be a missionary!!!!!!

Life's great, i've gotten to the point that this is the only thing i know haha. I'm just completely immersed in this work. All my thoughts (most of the time) are, who i can help or who needs our message. It's awesome!

Time is going by way to quick. It's so crazy to think i'm gunna be 20 in a few days. I still feel 17. haha its good tho. I've lost all track of where i'm at on my mission. I try my best not to do the math of how long i've been out, i just say "over a year." I love my mission and i'm so happy to be here.

We had an amazing Baptism this weekend! Mariah Winn was baptized on Saturday Nov 29th and Confirmed in sacrament meeting Nov 30th. There was about 70 people at her baptism Saturday morning. She was glowing and radiating with cheer, what a wonderful sight to see. I'm lucky that the Lord blessed us with this experience. We were also able to take her and her Family to the Temple Visitors Center. It was very spiritual and the feeling of Eternal Families was in the center. What a blessing it is to have a temple so close and to feel the special spirit it has. 

We got transfer calls! Elder Fontes and I are staying for the Holidays! it's gunna be a ton of fun! Our Zone's changing quite a bit, but some old friends from Poky will be joining us in the Zone so i'm excited!

We had a great ThanksGiving! We had 3 dinners and tons of Pie appointments! haha no worries, i neva gain any weight! It was a ton of fun! We had some great families that we spent the day with. I am so grateful for all the members who love and support us. Who share their Ohanas with us and make our day feel like home. 

We had a service project at a dairy farm. We were initiated to become true idahoans.... only once in a life time opportunity to help cows have babies ;) (See pic Below) hahahah CHEEEEE HEEEEE

Stoked for this week! 

Stoked out of my mind!

Love ya

Elder Soren!

Thanksgiving dinner with the Warner's

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