Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas and Ashlee's Baptism

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

My email will be short but sweet.

This week was one of the best! 

Ashlee Andrews was baptized this Saturday and Confirmed yesterday. I had the Opportunity to baptize Ashlee. I wish to share my feelings in this experience. 
The program, started and brief talks were given. Before i knew it we were walking towards the font, at the top of the stairs and into the water we went. As i began the prayer i realized what i was doing. A lot of feelings and information came into my mind and heart within seconds. At that very moment i was filled with light and the Love of our Father. Everything looked a lot brighter. She went under the water but i saw her elbow pop up. So we did it again. The feelings were just as strong the second time i prayed as the first. It was a wonderful feeling. Indescribable. She was so happy. Her excitment reminded me of Jaque's enthusiasm when she was baptized.  The Spirit was so strong.
Elder Fontes and I after we got changed, along with her mom and uncle bore our testimonies.

I had the prompting to share with her what i felt as we were in the water, this is what i remember of what i said, "I felt that as a missionary we sometimes have the wonderful opportunity to perform the ordinance of baptism for those who we teach. I haven't had this opportunity since the beginning of my mission. I am so very grateful for this opportunity, because i felt like i was standing next to someone who was pure and full of love and light. I know Heavenly Father is smiling down upon you this day."  I concluded with my testimony of Christ. Every word was truth and my feelings i know with all my heart were from the Spirit. I got emotional as i told her. I don't get very emotional as i teach or testify but the Spirit was very overwhelming.  It was not easy to hold back watery eyes.

I love the Neilson Family with all my heart. Sarah the youngest is getting baptized in Feb. with the Stake baptisms. Their whole family will be in the Gospel and that makes my heart happier than anything. 

What a joy it is to be a missionary.

Christmas was too fun. We had a good time with the Zone. The Rigby Zone is the best. We are all unified in the work and are friends. It feels like a big family. 

Christmas Eve we spent with the Halls and Christmas morning with the Zone and the Benions, it was a lot of fun.

I am excited for the New Year and for new beginnings. 

I hope you all have a great Holiday Season and Blessings for the New Year! 

Mahalo's for all of your love and support and gifts both spiritual and temporal. :)

Sorry i have to be brief but i love you all so very much.

Always Stoked to Serve

Elder Soren  

Ashlee's Baptism

with Rudolph & Elder Thomas

The Elders

Rigby Zone!

the Sisters loved their flowers!
buried the Sisters car in snow lol

the Jones Ohana
                                         The Halls

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