Monday, December 8, 2014

Best Bday Everrr

This week was soooooooooo awesomeee. 

It stopped snowing but it's windy and cold! it's so crazy that the year is almost done. Time goes way to fast. I'm loving every second of it tho and soaking it all in.

We had Christmas Parties this week and a lot of our investigators came. It was tons of fun. The members here are so awesome. 

There was some thick fog out here it was crazy i've never experienced fog! it was awesome!

I wanna invite you all to go to this link and watch the "He is The Gift" video. I love it it! and i know you will too!  It helps remind us of the true meaning of Christmas!!  Please share it with those who come into your thoughts who might need to see it!

I had a sweet experience on splits with our ward mission leader. We taught 2 lessons and contacted a buncha people to come to the Christmas party that night. We knocked on this one door but they weren't home. I saw a woman and a guy (found out they're siblings) sitting on their front steps across the street smoking. Brother Lindsay and I went over to invite them. They were members not active tho. I asked if i could share a Christmas message with them and they invited us in. We talked about Christ and the true meaning of Christmas. The woman started to cry. She expressed how things have been hard lately. Her Brother told us how he just got back from the Hospital that morning. We asked if he would like a blessing and He accepted. We shared a little more and invited them to the Ward party. We ended up seeing them that night with big smiles on their faces. The Lord truly leads us to those who need his Love in their lives. 

On Saturday (Ma Dbday) i had the most awesome day ever. Sister Lindsay the member we live with made us breakfast! it was sooo goood. Then we went to a Polynesian practice in Rexburg for the mission talent show. It was a ton of fun. We're doing the haka, a sasa dance and a hula about the restoration. There are a ton of Poly's in the mission. They were all there. It's so awesome to be able to share the Aloha Spirit with the Idahoans. 

Then we went for lunch to "Big Juds" famous 1lb meat burger challenge. You gotta eat the Huge burger, basket of fries and a large drink in 30 min. Elder Thomas took the challenge and beat it hahaha he got his picture taken and a shirt it was awesome!

During Lunch we receiveed a miracle text. We've been trying to teach this family for months now but never got in because they got offended by past missionaries. We've tried and tried but no luck. In the text we got, their fellow shipper said, "Game on you can teach the Davis family"!!!!  We were sooo stoked!  They are an awesome family and I know they would make amazing members!

Half an hour later we received another text from Kasey who we've been teaching every week since i got here. She was never really sure about baptism but out of no where she said, 

"I want to be baptized"

"by you guys"

We freaked out!!! we couldn't believe it!
She has been super busy with moving so we still yet have to have a sit down and talk to her about it.  But it was an awesome birthday present that I'm sure all missionaries would love to read. 

I had such a great week and thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes it meant a lot!

I'm always gunna be Stoked to Serve

Peace and Blessings this Holiday Season, missin you more than ever right now!

Much love 
one love

Elder Soren

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