Monday, December 15, 2014

Miracles..... nuff said


CASEY WINFREE GOT BAPTIZED!!! The text she sent us on Saturday came true and we planned her baptism in 2 days and it turned out fantastic! She was sooooo happy! She said last Friday night she was painting her new apartment and she had this overwhelming feeling that she has been so blessed in her life and that she needed to be baptized. It was awesome. The night before her baptism we had a member send her a text to say congrats on her decision, right then Casey was doubting herself and wasn't sure if it was the right decision but when she saw the text she knew that it was what she was supposed to do and was comforted. We were so stoked! the baptism was sooo goood. we were so happy for Casey. 

We saw Carlos Morales this week as well, He is still getting Baptized this weekend. It's all planned out and he and especially his wife are so very happy. The Lord truly has his own timing we just have to be willing and worthy to be entrusted with such blessings.

Our Recent Convert Justin Nielsen's older sister flies in tomorrow so were gonna teach her all the lessons and she's going to be baptized on Dec 27th

These miracles have strengthened my testimony that this is God's work. We are only the way and means of helping His children make covenants with him. But the spirit and His love does the converting. We are just physical representatives of the Savior and guides to the Narrow Path.

I am content and very Happy that i have this opportunity to be one of those guides. And a tool in our Father's work.

This week we had our Christmas Conference with the Missionaries in the North part of our mission. Elder Fontes and i had the opportunity to conduct the meeting. I conducted the First half, i was pretty nervous at first because Elder Craig C. Christensen of the quarum of the 70 was sitting next to me. haha. He spoke in this last April conference. But after a few announcements i got comfortable on the mic and it went well.

For the Talent show at the Conference we had a Polynesian Performance it was pretty fun! I haven't done something like this in a while haha and it's kind of out of character but it was so fun. I enjoyed it a lot and stoked that we could share some of our Culture with the missionaries.

It was a good week. We are way too busy and it's good.   

Stoked to Serve

Elder Soren

President & Sister Brinkerhoff

Happy 20th Birthday Elder Soren!  What a great birthday present!!!
"awesome huh?!" 

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