Monday, March 2, 2015

This week was sweet.

Last week

We got transfer calls this week.  I'M STAYING IN RIGBY!  i'll be here 7 1/2 months total!  it's crazy.  I have never been in an area this long.  it's an interesting experience.  A lot of amazing lessons have been learned here.  There has been a change in my heart as i served here.  I love this place. 

I know God teaches us something everyday, every month, sometimes it's exciting other times it's long and drawn out, even hard really hard.  But he never gives us more than what we can accomplish.  As i have learned to rely on the Lord's strength and not my own i've seen Him pull me through some tough spots.  I always come out a little more converted each time. 

I had some sweet news this week.  Someone Elder Duano and I taught in Pocatello was re-baptized this Saturday.  Joe Jenson.  He left the Church when he was young and hadn't had the gospel in his life for a long time.  Elder Duano and I started to teach him.  He was really reluctant at first but we kept going over and teaching him.  He progressed in our lessons.  He always joked with us and gave us a hard time.  We loved Joe.  After we left the area Elder Duano and i would ditch our comps and go visit him on Pdays haha.  We loved to visit those we taught rather than play Basketball.  We had great lessons with Joe. He was always happy to see us.  When we got the news last week that he was getting re-Baptized my mind was blown.  I called him up and talked with him.  It was so sweet to hear what he had to say.  It softened my heart so much.  Joe expressed how grateful he was for Elder Duano and I for caring about him and helping him feel God's love.  It was a sweet surprise.

This week

We had transfers it was crazy!  One of our Districts got all brand new missionaries in it. So we spent a lot of the week assisting them and showing them around their areas.  We have some awesome missionaries! 

The work's been good.  We went to watch Meet the Mormons with Louis and his other uncle this week and then they took us out to dinner.  They liked the movie a lot, they were able to relate to some of the stories.  I love teaching Louis.  He's been a lot more open with expressing himself and tells us about some of his spiritual experiences throughout the week.  We get so excited when we see him progress.  I know he will make the decision to be baptized soon! 

This week has been pretty positive.  We are finding a lot more people to teach and been working with the ward members a lot. 

We had an awesome Mission Leadership Council this week.  The training's were on being bold, enduring to the end and conversion.

 It was one of the most spiritual MLCs i've been to.  It was awesome!

things are going good. still kickin it in Rigby! 

Stoked to Serve 

Elder Soren


Lunch with Louis and Joel


We had another Zone Bonfire

The Sisters that left last week

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