Monday, March 16, 2015

Good Week

This week was pretty good!  We had some really spiritual opportunities and some fun ones too!

This week we went on a Church tour with Louis.  He really enjoyed it!  He spoke a lot more, he's usually quiet. We brought one of the recent converts in the area, LynnDee, she's preparing to go on a mission.  She had some really great input in the lesson that helped Louis a ton!  We ended the Church tour at the font and read 3 Nephi and invited him to be baptized and he gladly accepted for April 18th!  It was awesome.  Louis is the man!  We're gunna help him find his answers and continue teaching him.  Its sweet.

Rigby High School started a Rugby Club and the Coach asked us to share motivational thoughts before practices.  Its been pretty cool to teach the boys and get to know them.  Most of them are members of the church, even thinking of missions, so the Coach is stoked we're there.  He invited us to share a message before their first game.  We went and shared with both teams.  It was pretty cool to be surrounded by so many people and just preach it haha!  We stayed for the first half of the game it was rad!  I wanted to play! haha i never thought i would get into Rugby on my mission in Idaho, when it was everywhere back home. I guess i never took the opportunity to enjoy something that was right in front of me but i think its sick! 

Last Monday for Pday we went on a tour of the Klim building.  They are a snow mobile gear company that started in Rigby and then branched out.  Make High Quality Weather Proof jackets and gear.  It was pretty awesome you know, i loved it! haha i got to try on a $1,400 jacket.  It was like a firefighter suit, had a bunch of like armor in it even a camo pack in the jacket. it was crazy. We had a good time there. 

Still doing good in Rigby.  Love the people here.  It's been on the Up.  It's been good seeing all the good throughout the days.  God's love is everywhere.  I love being a missionary.  There are learning experiences in all aspects of life when we do missionary work.  It's the best!

Stoked 2 Serve

Elder Soren

i look like a 5 year old hahaha wayyyy to stoked on life hahaa

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