Monday, February 16, 2015

i still got it!

This week was awesome.  It's so great when you notice the little blessings more than the big miracles.  It makes everyday a special day.  Especially being a missionary we see small blessings that we used to look past.  And it's because of the little things that great things are brought to pass.

Last week Sarah Nielson was baptized at the Stake baptisms, and now the Nielson family is complete!  What a blessing it is to help whole families come into the Gospel.  The Nielson family means so much to me.  I know that our Heavenly Father has given me an opportunity to know the Joy that comes from teaching families.  The lasting Joy from this is far greater than just an hour or a day's worth of happiness.  Joy and Happiness are definitely 2 different things.  I am so grateful that i know what joy is because of my mission. 

The Swanson's made some ono foood this week for me!  Kalua pork and cabbage!!!  I was especially stoked on the cabbage!  No one knows about da cabbage!  was winnahz cuz.  They put me on pineapple duty... even though i don't know how to cut pineapples but i rushed it and tried to remember what my mom taught me haha.  I even remembered to wash it with salt!  It was an awesome dinner.  SOOOO GOOOD.  And the Swanson's are the best.

We've been tracting a lot lately trying to find new people to teach.  Our teaching pool is low but we have found 2 new people we hope to have consistent lessons with.  We're just being patient and positive!  That's the most important part! 

This is an exciting experience that i was able to have this week, that i could use my talents in the work.  We started teaching Louis, he comes to our soccer night and we started teaching him at his house a few weeks ago. Louis reminds me of myself and friends back home.  We have a lot in common, so it's fun to teach him and talk about skating and art.  Louis works at a barber shop called "Graffiti" it's themed as well.  It's a sweet idea for a barber shop.  Louis asked his uncle if i could paint one of their walls.  So that's what we did this week!  We went up to Rexburg and painted!!!!  I haven't touched a can in 16 months.  I was in Heaven!!!  I almost died when i smelt the paint!  I miss it so much!  It was super fun!  I was pretty nervous at first that i would be a bit rusty but it turned out pretty good for not painting my whole mission!

            We had a good time.  Troy, Louis' uncle was super chill, reminded me of some of my friends i used to paint with.  And i met this guy Keoa who grew up in Millilani graduated from Kam and started his own head wear company called "NATIVE head wear" it's pretty sweet i bought a hat to support.  He's going to BYU-I.  We talked a lot about home and especially POUNDERS ahhhh. 

         We had a ton of fun. There was a moment that topped it all off, Louis' Uncle is an RM, and has been trying to help and be a good example to Louis.  When i finished we had shared a scripture and we were gonna close with a prayer.  I asked Louis if he wanted to and he said yes.  He said an awesome prayer.  As we were at the cars, Louis had to lock up the shop, his uncle thanked us for teaching Louis.  He got really emotional and started to cry.  He said "to hear him pray man..." and just broke down.  It was totally unexpected but tender.  I told him that his example would have more of an influence than us and he replied that he needed to step it up.  This was the cherry on top.  To see someone like my friends back home, cry because of how much the gospel means to him, made me so happy. 

It gave me hope.  It gave me a vision of what's possible no matter who you are or the hobbies or habits you have, that the gospel can soften any heart.  That Heavenly Father loves every one of his children.  That sometimes even the roughest of characters can be sweet and feel His love.  That Change is possible. 
Also that we can be who we want to be, do the things we enjoy doing, if they are good.  We don't always have to be "molly mormons" to be an example or a light to others.  We just have to keep the commandments, stay true to who we are as sons and daughters of God, and LOVE LOVE LOVE. There is no room for judgement. 

Ironically, there was a new video released on about a guy who changed from a gangster to a good man.  I LOVE THIS VIDEO! mainly because there's a lot of graffiti and i dress similar to him haha.  I feel like this is me without the violence haha.  I'll put the link up and invite you to watch it and see a little bit of my hope.  

My hope is to be a "Good Man"... to not completely give up talents or friends but to use them in a different way to promote good.  To be an example of the Believers and be original.  To be Myself and live the Gospel and Love. 

The Lord teaches us lessons in very mysterious ways.  I am so grateful for these lessons and who i've become because of them. 

I love you all and invite you to be the force for good for someone in your life. 

Always Stoked to Serve

Elder Soren 


Sarah Nielson Baptism Day!

Pineapple Duty

Pork & Cabbage

It's been 16 Months!

The Late Ones in Rigby

Troy on the left Louis on the Right

Rad Haircut Elder Thomas!!!

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  1. ELDER!!! I just saw on the card you left us that you have a blog! WHAT?!?! It will be so fun for us to read along as you journey...and, so cool that you got to paint again! Yeah, I remember getting home from my mish and being like, "I am SO scared to try to draw again. What if I'm terrible!?" But, no it comes back so easily. :) That is probably a blessing for serving, the Lord magnifies our abilities, even though we haven't practiced for a WHILE. Anywhoo, just wanted to say hi, and I totally used that video for the lesson I taught the 14-18 year olds in our ward two sundays ago. They loved it...I think it really made an impact. I loved it too...but it made me cry in front of those kids, dang it. Haha...keep up the good work, and staying true to your call! :) Patrick and Hayden say hi! :)