Monday, March 23, 2015

Mellow Week.

This week was pretty Good.  Had some funny experiences on exchanges.  And some super positive ones also. 

We had a pretty intense lesson with Courtney our investigator.  We had to go over the Law of Chastity and make her aware of the Cohabitation rule for baptism because she lives with her boyfriend.  Preparing for this lesson definitely pulled our heart strings.  It's a hard thing to tell someone that they gotta move out in order to be baptized.  I felt so bad but the Lord asks us to do hard things and if we keep His commandments, and by doing so, he will provide a way for the righteous desires of our hearts to be fulfilled.  That was the attitude we went into the lesson with and it definitely made a difference.  No matter what, when you act in the name of Christ with a spirit of love, everything works out.  The lesson ended differently than we thought it would, there was some frustration in the family and we felt bad.  But we were on exchanges with one of the Assistants to the President, so he explained the situation the next day to President Brinkerhoff and he prayed about it and got back to us.  Under conditions He would allow Courtney to be baptized.  We were so excited!  God always follows through for us because he loves all of us.  We told Spencer and Courtney the good news after church, their whole countenance changed and they were so happy.  It was sweet to watch them happily walk home together after we told them. 

Moments like these are what sharing the gospel brings.  We all learn together when we share the Gospel with those we love.  I know that to be true.  And it's a different kind of happiness that we aren't used to.  If you're not happy in your life, I invite you to share the Gospel.  Easy.  Simple.  Just do it.  I promise you'll be 10x happier even if they say no at least you tried.  You'll be 20x happier if you don't give up and try again. 

One of our investigators, Shawn, (he's 14) tried to ride his bike all the way to Lincoln, Nebraska this week.  He rode on the side of the interstate for about 20 miles till the state troopers pulled him over.  Shawn told them that he was going camping in the Mountains in Idaho Falls…there are no mountains in Idaho Falls… it's flat hahaha.  Everyone got a good laugh about it.  Shawn's a funny kid, very humble homelife and a he's nuts but we love um.

The mission has been good.  Continually learning all that Heavenly Father needs me to know.  Life's Good. 

Stoked to Serve

Elder Soren

PC:Shawn and his get-away Vehicle…  

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