Monday, June 9, 2014

Killed, Cooked, and Fed

A   L   O   H   A

           This week has been so awesome! We have had so many wonderful experiences and great meetings. The weather has been nice got some of my tan back, which is good! We had to ride our bikes for a couple of days it was pretty fun we were all over Pocatello my legs were killing me at the end of the day. I got to used to driving a car hahha. But things have bee great Elder Thomas and I have been having a lot of fun and workin hard!

            Last P-day was Elder Finaus birthday, he wanted to have a BBQ so we did... We had the Elders in Downey Idaho, a very small town in the middle of nowhere find us a pig... That Monday morning we went and acquired a 60lb pig from a couple of farm boys and put the squealing pig in our trunk hahahhah. We killed, cleaned and cooked it in the yard. Rotated it on a stick and everything. Then we went to the stake softball parks and hade a huge BBQ with Kalbi ribs, pok'e, hot dogs and a lot of rice. Probably one of the best pdays ever!
            We had another Leadership meeting this week, Elder Perry met with our mission president and challenged him that every missionary baptizes 10 people by next June. So we are having a Zone training to introduce this new Goal and Challenge for the mission. The result when we succeed will be more than 2,500 baptisms in a year! its double of what we got last year. but we know that it is possible because it has been inspired by one of the Lords most Faithful servants Elder Perry. Elder Thomas and I are planning on having a sick meeting with our zone that will get them pumped and excited. We definitely know that it is possible.

            A dear friend shared her favorite scripture with me, before I left and it has helped me especially with challenges such as this. "I know, in the strength of the Lord I can do all things" Alma 20:4. I know our mission will be able to Accomplish this as we do all that we can, trusting in the Lord. I am so excited to be here serving in this wonderful mission at this time when the Lord has great things instore for the people of Idaho.

             We have been teaching a lot and much success has come our way. We were able to meet with a guy named Johnathan who hasn't been to church in 6 years he's about 24. We have been meeting with him for 2 weeks now. During one of our lessons we testified of church attendance and how it not only blesses you spiritually but temporally as well. He came to church that next Sunday in a suit. We were so happy! He stayed all 3 hours and loved it. The next time we met with him he said how he posted on facebook that he went to church for the first time in a while and he showed us the response. There were his young mens leaders who responded, family and friends who liked his post and offered encouragement and complements. Johnathan felt loved and important. He is planning on attending church regularly now.

             It makes me so happy to be able to help all of our Heavenly Fathers children. The joy that comes from sharing the gospel is something that no vice in life could bring. I am so grateful for my mission and this opportunity to serve the Lord for these 2 short years. I know that the Lord is working beside us in this last great work. Not only the Lord of the vineyard but all of those in the spirit world as well. What a blessing it is to serve alongside great missionaries here on the earth and in the spirit world. To serve alongside my Dad in building up the kingdom of our Father is one of the greatest privileges I could ever have. 

I love missionary work in all forms of it.
I love my Heavenly Father
I love my Savior Jesus Christ
I love my Family

I wish you all a great weak, Find some one to share the gospel with and I know you will have one of the best weeks ever!

Love you

Elder Soren

Elders Soren & Thomas

Snake on my head!

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