Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day


         This week has been crazyy! so many blessings and changes going on its exciting! we had this crazy thunder storm that started a fire in the Hills! and we got transfer calls this Thursday and Elder Thomas will be leaving me! i am super bummed that he's going. He has taught me so many important lessons that i know only he could help me understand. One of the greatest things he has taught me is to trust in the Lord and to have a positive mindset always. This has helped me overcome so many of the trials we had this transfer and i was always happy! i am going to miss him a lot but i know the Lord has called him another way to help other missionaries as he has helped me.

Were also Shipping Elder Finau home today, back to maui :(

        My new companion will be Elder Bebee!!!! my first Zone leader when i came out. Elder Malaulu, Bebee, and Duano picked me up from the mission home the day i got here. Ever since then Elder Bebee and i were pretty much best friends. He was with me for all the holidays, Halloween, Christmas, and New years! We have very very similar interests and he has a super chill personality. We've talked about being companions for a long time now and its finally happen!!! I am sooo stoked to have him he is such a great missionary. This transfer is gunna be sickkk! The only bummer is that this is his last transfer in the mission. He goes home to Texas in 6 weeks. But were gunna make this next 6 weeks the best 6 weeks he will have in his mission. We're planning on working hard and doin the best we can!


        This week has been nuts within the past 4 days we have found 7 solid potential investigators and renewed our teaching pool. We have so much work to do. So many people to teach. I pray that the Lord will bless us with a baptism for Elder Bebee's last transfer. I'm ready to work hard. The Lord has been merciful to us this transfer. I know He has watched over us and has blessed us with those who he has prepared. 

         During sacrament meeting yesterday i was able to ponder about life and this beautiful gospel plan. It being Father's Day, the talks were focused on this subject. I really enjoyed all of the talk s and i was happy to hear all the different stories, i thought about all the fun times with my dad and all the cool stories we have. There was peace and comfort in my heart, one of my favorite sacrament meetings. 

I thought about how our Heavenly Father is Hastening the work here on earth and in the Spirit world. What an honor it is to be a missionary alongside my dad. I know that He walks with me to appointments, i know he visits me when i need him, i know that he is teaching those in the spirit world and building up our Fathers Kingdom in Heaven. I rejoice to know that my Dad and I are out serving the Lord together. Both having been called to  preach the gospel. I am one of the luckiest missionaries in Idaho. To be able to serve a mission with my dad. I love my dad with all my heart and i am so grateful for all that he has taught me. His lessons continue to teach me as i go throughout my life. His love having more meaning to me each day. 

And what a blessing it is that we Have A loving Heavenly Father that has blessed us with eternal companions. Our families sealed for all time and eternity... to love us and to continually guide us and help us grow. I know my Heavenly Father loves me and that he has blessed me with the best Dad in the world. 

 I am so grateful for My Heavenly Father, for blessing me with this opportunity to be a missionary. To have my dad as a Heavenly Companion. To be with me throughout my mission and throughout my life. 

I hope you all had a great Father's Day like i did, and i hope you told him how much you love him.

I love my mission
I love my companions
I love the Gospel 
i love my family

Stoked to Serve

Elder Soren

Elder Finau & Elder Soren with tiny Elder Thomas

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