Monday, May 5, 2014

Zone Leader May. 5. 2014


          Crazy crazy. This week has been nuts. So many tender mercies and so many changes. I am so happy and so excited for this next transfer.

President Brinkerhoff called this Thursday and flipped my world upside down. He called and said "Elder Soren, were gunna throw a tailspin, you ready?" .... I thought he was gunna have me train, but he called me to be a Zone Leader in the Pocatello South Zone. I was speechless haha I wasn't expecting that at all, especially only being out 7 months...I was pretty skeptical about it because I have so much more learn about mission fundamentals and organization but I know it will come as I serve with all my heart. I was happy and sad. I finally knew what it was like to love your district. I don't want to leave my missionaries in my district they have taught me so much and I am so sad to leave them. But I know the Lord has great things in store for me and my new calling. I know that this will help me be the missionary I want to be. I know it will bless my life and the lives of my fellow missionaries. I am so thankful that the Lord has entrusted me with this opportunity to Lead.

A Zone consists of 2 districts. Zone leaders are in a companionship, so there is 2 of us taking care of the 2 districts which will be nice. My new comp is Elder Thomas and he is literally a giant. We cover the YSA wards! this should be fun :) and we have a truck to drive because we cover a huge chunk of Poky finding all the young single adults. Im gunna gain so much weight... yayyyy. But im excited to do something different and experience new challenges.

I had the opportunity to attend Mission Leadership Council this past Thursday. It was so powerful and very motivating, It was exciting to be surrounded by the leaders in our mission. There was a spirit in the room that was different than most meetings. Everyone was working together towards one goal, helping other missionaries succeed in this marvelous work. I loved it and it answered so many questions I had and showed me how important being a mission leader is. I am so excited to improve and to learn.

This Saturday one of the Sister missionaries who is Samoan and lived in Laie for 2 years, baptized a Samoan Lady and her Grandma! I was so stoked. I got to interview them, I recognized a spirit and feeling i've felt once before. It was so heart warming to feel the Aloha that came from their love for the Lord. I was so happy to be in their presence.

At their baptism on Saturday I was in Heaven, I miss Polynesian people and culture so much. I have taken it for granted growing up and now that I have experienced a little bit of it in Pocatello (of all places) I yearn for it. I miss it so much. There was tons of family and the speakers were so awesome. I felt like I was at one of our home wards. After the baptism of course tons of food. I was so excited for this part. O tai and..... are you kidding me right now!!!! LUMPIAAAAAAA I about died when I saw it, I didn't even care if dinner was in 20 minutes I ate sooo much.

this week has been such an amazing experience for me on my mission. Its pretty crazy how even though im in the states there is a sense of belonging and love. That there is culture hidden within Pocatello.

 I love my mission so much. 2 years is too short. I would be happy serving here forever. I absolutely love it. I never want to stop serving my Heavenly Father.

I miss you all and wish you all my love.

Kia Kaha

Elder Soren


Elder Thomas my new giant companion


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