Monday, May 19, 2014

5. 19. 2014

         This week has been awesome! We have been working hard but still having a lot of fun. We have been organizing our records and paperwork, but also helping the missionaries in our zone. Things have been great! It's getting hot and my farmers tan is looking pretty good. Starting to fit right in with all the Idahoans. We got to spend a lot of time in the country with one of our districts. The 1 hour drive reminded me of home with all the mountains and fields. I am so blessed to be surrounded by our Heavenly Fathers creations. We have been having a lot of beautiful sunsets as well its been good. 

        I love working in YSA. We work a lot with less actives. When the YSA stake centers were dedicated it was promised by the one of the 70s that "the way we will find our investigators, will be through working with less actives". This is because there are always non member room mates that live with the less active young singles. This past week we were able to teach so many wonderful people. I love working with people my age and helping them find their testimonies again! 

        Elder Thomas and I are doing so well together, we are unified in all we do and he is doing such a great job at training me on how to be a great leader. We have been able to teach a lot this week, I just love teaching. We are so personable with our investigators and really help them understand that the gospel applies to each and everyone of us in our own circumstances. I am so excited to be working here. I know that this will be such a great opportunity to magnify my calling and be who i really am. And to use my personality with these young single adults to help them come unto Christ. I love working with Less Actives as well they are just as important as non members, especially in this vital point in their lives where big decisions have to be made. I see the light in their eyes, they truly have a testimony of the gospel deep within them. I know that as we help these young people prepare for temple covenants they will be able to receive all the wonderful blessings the lord has in store for them. 

        I am loving my mission. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now. I love serving the Lord and i hope to continue in this wonderful service for the rest of my life. There is no greater happiness than when you are in the service of your God. I truly believe this and i know that it is the way to a have a happy life. We receive so much more than we could ever give. Every thing we have is His. The only thing that is ours is our hearts and everything within them. Once we give our father our hearts, our dreams, desires, our families, the things we "want", our whole selves He will take us and mold us. He will help us reach the Divine Potential that HE sees in us. And what he sees in us is far greater than what we could ever see in ourselves. When we fully submit our selves to him, He will provide and bless us with opportunities to magnify our callings, to exercise faith, and to build our testimonies. I love Him and i know He loves me, as he does each and everyone of us. 

miss you much

Love you 

Elder Soren

We did this service project with some ware wolves from twilight it was crazy! haha

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