Monday, May 12, 2014



     This week has been so awesome! I am so excited for this transfer, my new area and companion. I am so grateful and blessed to have the calling I do. It has helped me be myself and use my talents and personality to move the work forward. As well as serve and help out other missionaries. I am so happy and I am very anxious to work hard in my new Zone.

      Elder Thomas and I are already brothers, we work very well together. He is an awesome missionary and I am glad that he will be able to train me on how to be a great leader. We were able to set a baptismal date the first night we were together. We get along and he really loves all the missionaries in our zone. He is such a great example. We work hard and we're happy.

       Our first Zone training together went really well, we were unified and prepared. I was pretty nervous being my first zone training but there was a power that came as we counseled together and shared my training. It was a power that came from my calling. It was so cool to feel the difference. The zone showed and expressed how motivated they were to continue setting monthly goals to baptize and the fire they have is so awesome! I am so excited for the miracles that will come forth in this Zone. We have a bunch of great missionaries, hard workers that really love the work. I am happy that I will be able to work and to learn from such great missionaries.

       We have been able to work a lot already with the missionaries in our Zone. This weekend we were able to attend 2 baptisms and help set them up for our missionaries. I love going to baptisms even though they're not mine, just having the opportunity to feel the spirit and see the happy faces of those who are entering into a covenant with our Heavenly Father makes my heart swell with joy. Just knowing how much this decision will bless their lives for eternity, I get so excited and I can't hold back a smile. This work is so heart warming and beautiful.

       We have a lot of potential in the YSA wards. I am so excited to serve the young singles here in Pocatello. I know that this type of missionary work will help me be who I really am and use my fun and energetic personality. The stake leaders and bishops are so fun and really love those they serve. I hope to stay here for a while, especially with elder Thomas he's the best.
        I am so excited to be a missionary, I love it more than anything. I hope to be a missionary all my life. I am loving my mission and I am so happy that I was called here to Idaho, the people, the environment, the missionaries, I know I was meant to be here.
        Hope Yall had a great mother's day with your mums!


Elder Soren

Companions Elder Thomas & Elder Soren

Elder Finau from Maui

Zone Leaders

                                                           we helped out at a food bank
                                                           and roller skating hahahahaha

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