Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 17

Hey Hey!

        This week has gone by way to fast! days seem so long but now that its p-day again it flew by! There has been miracles this week that literally called out to us and want to be baptized! Kids coming up to us and telling us to come over so they can get baptised. Part member Less-active,  families wanting to come back and get their non-member family baptised. I don't know what were doing right but i know the Lord is really looking out for us. And i defiantly know there is blessings that flood our lives once our faith has been tried and we endure it well. Heavenly Father really loves us and really does fulfill his promises to all of his children.

        Last Sunday a set of twins came up to us with their mom and told us they want to get baptised and have us over for the discussions! it was crazy. We have been trying to get into their house for weeks now and finally their mom came around and is ready! we were so stoked because we haven't been able to teach much lessons and our other appointments have been flaking on us. We are so happy to have solid investigators we can teach!
      Wed night after our all our appointments canceled and all of our back-ups weren't home. We were walking down the street in the snow and we hear some one call from behind us.. "hey!... brothers!" it being dark and snowy, we couldn't tel who it was.." a member?" we decided to wait till this dark figure got closer. He was a young man he said he was 18 and just got kicked out of his house. He said his family situation wasn't doing so well and there's a lot of problems. So we walked and talked with him. Calling for a ride to take him across town. After he had explained a few things, we asked out of curiosity "are you a member of the ward?".  We figured no random stranger would call us to talk... He said he wasn't a member but went to our ward 3 times by himself! We were so shocked! we invited him out of the cold and into the warmth of the chapel and sat and talked to him. He said his girlfriend is a member and hes been wanting to be baptised for a while. We talked about what we do as missionaries and he said he know all about it and wants to meet again. I tried 3 times to lead up to the baptismal invite and invite him but he kept talking. My companion out of no where just asked "hey do you want to be baptised".... He said "yes yes i would love to!" i giggled a little inside. Me trying to be all formal when all we needed to do was ask.... plainly..... This voice from the dark cold winter night, will be shooting to be baptised on the 22nd of Feb. Nothing but a Miracle.

        A referral we received in the beginning of December finally contacted us back "after the Holidays". We tried texting and calling at the beginning of the month and now out of no where we receive a text "Hey Elders, can we meet on wed in the late afternoon, at the chapel?" WHAAAT we were so stoked. So we met up at the chapel, An in-active mother who was recently remarried wanted to start coming back to church and wanted our advise as to how she could go about it. She talked most of the time explaining her situation and the trials they have had in their life. We comforted her the best we can and made sure she knew it was oh so possible to come back. Her new husband, her daughter and 2 step sons aren't members. We asked what she would want for her family. She said " I want all of us to be able to go to church together". We asked if this was a perfect world and you could have anything in this life "would you want your family to ultimately be sealed in the temple?".... she said "yes".  We made sure to let her know that is completely possible and that were here to help as much as we can to help her baptise her family and progress to the temple. She asked if we could start giving her 12 year old daughter the discussions and now we are looking forward to meeting them this next week.

         There's no doubt in my heart that the Lord works in mysterious ways. He really does look out for us and promises us happiness after trials. These past couple weeks have been nothing but a testimony builder. My heart is so grateful for the blessings that we have received this week. I love my Heavenly Father and i know he loves me...
Im oucheeaaa
\,,/     SHOOTS
Elder Soren

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