Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 16 - Baptism of Lisa

This week was awesome! There were so many exciting things that happened. A lot of big and small blessings. I've counted them ;) I am happy to be able to see some of the blessings after the harder times, and to appreciate ALL of my blessings. My testimony has been strengthened and I know that the Lord really does bring happiness after the trial of our faith. I am so glad to be able to learn through these experiences here on my mission. I know that everything I am learning here is preparing me for after my mission as I start to make important decisions in my life.

        Saturday was such an exciting day. We first went to the temple in the morning. I was so excited because its been 3 months since I went in Provo and I forgot how wonderful the temple was. When we got there we met up with some other Elders that are serving in Idaho Falls including Elder Duano! I was happy to see him. It felt like forever since we were companions! The Idaho Falls temple is so beautiful. I don't know what temple isn't though. But it was so amazing to be in the presence of this Holy house. Right when we got there just being on the grounds it felt so peaceful. During our session it was so comfortable. I felt as if I were home. That same comfort you feel when your in the midst of your family members and loved ones. That same security that comes from the same walls of ones childhood home. Every worry, every concern melted away as I sat in serenity. The beauties of the interior never fail to amaze me, but what could you expect when your in the house of the Lord. As I sat in deep contemplation looking at the celestial chandelier and the paintings on the wall, I thought, "this is probably what Heaven is like". This peace, this divine comfort that entered my heart sunk within me. I was so relieved to know that after this life we can feel this same comfort forever, resting from all our sorrows. The experience of this home of mine, this Heavenly home made me realize that I am clean.

        The mission rules, I worry to follow day to day, all the council that we must follow as full time missionaries weighs you down at times. Never knowing what "exact obedience" really is and always realizing there's something you need to work on personally a certain rule, a certain principal, making sure we are up on time. The small things get to you sometimes, those things in which makes one humbled by the recognition of imperfection. Aside from these rules I constantly judge my self upon, in the temple I remembered that "I am clean...I am keeping my covenants...I am pure in the eyes of the Lord" this overwhelmed me. Here I thought I wasn't the best person because some rules I struggle to follow. At that moment where all the mission rules didn't fully apply, I remembered the righteous desires of my heart I was filled with emotion. Words could not express my inner joy because know I am keeping all that I have promised the Lord I would keep. The Prophet Joseph F. Smiths dream came to my mind.  It was when he was a missionary in Hawaii when he was late to meet the man in the mansion. That's exactly how I felt. "Joseph you are late" the Prophet Joseph Smith said... "Yes, but I am clean...I am clean, I replied with confidence"'.

        After this marvelous temple session we headed home to prepare for the Baptism of Lisa  :) Any missionary would say our day is a perfect missionary day. Temple and a Baptism. What more could we ask for?  A typical missionary moment, being guided by the spirit after 5 months of missionaries knocking. We were the ones the Lord prepared to help this wonderful woman enter the waters of baptism and enter in by the way, the only way to eternal life. It was such a wonderful night to see her so filled with happiness. To see her family so proud of her. The spirit was so strong. I truly know that the Lord brings forth miracles on his own time. This was Lisa's time. Everything fell into place for her in her life and ours as well.

         My testimony about missionary work grows everyday. Through every single "Missionary Experience" I am converted more and more unto my Savior and his love. A question most of us guys have is "what makes you a man?" well haha I've come to learn that a mission takes a ignorant young man and will change him into a "real" man. I've learned the importance of this life and what a true man is. I love being a missionary and working my way towards true man hood.

Elder Soren

Idaho Falls Temple

Elder Dunlap, Lisa & Elder Soren

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