Friday, October 4, 2013

Week 1 - Missionary Training Center

im having such a great time! i love it here, the spirit is so strong! i just feel so full everyday, i feel like i have so much to learn with so little time. i love class time because we learn so much and its not boring because its something i want to learn about! the only boring thing is when the district presidents speak and like welcome you. but learning is so great ive learned soo much these first 2 days. i feel like i know 10x more than i did today than yesterday. its awesome! everyone here is nice i dorm with 4 other elders. My companion is Elder Cocke (coke) he is an interesting kid, from Michigan, likes computers and said he used to work for a reverse aid cameras on the back of cars in like a factory he said he wants to be the factory manager hahahah love um tho. the other 3 elders are a trio they are pretty cool i didn't like one at first because he was a comedian and teased all the leaders and all the elders. but hes better now.  i think he was just nervous and thats how he got comfortable. I live right next to Elder Ah Puck i see him a lot hes in my zone which consists of 2 districts with elders and sisters i think 5 elders 4 sisters in each. the MTC is a wonderful place so  many different languages and people. we have to treat it like its almost the temple with alot of respect. last night we had a welcome to the MTC zone meeting i was falling asleep for most of it then we had personal interviews with the 1st counselors just basic questions just to get to know us. at the end of the meeting they pulled me and Elder Ah Puck aside (he thought our missions were gunna change) i had no idea why they wanted the hawaii boys hahahaha, but the 1st counselor told Me and Elder Ah Puck that we will be the district leaders for your zone. so me and him take care of the elders and sisters in our district. i take care of the 4 elders in my room and the 4 sisters. Elder Ah Puck the same for his room and his Sisters. we go to meetings conduct and welcome in class and all that fun stuff. crazy how us 2 from hawaii both became district leaders. way busier now but im so gratefull for the calling. i cant wait to learn more and get out in the field i know these next 10 days in the mtc are gunna go by so fast and so slow at the same time. im excited to learn tho. 

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