Monday, June 1, 2015

Driggs Week 1

This week was great. Elder Johnson and i been able to figure out most of our area and feel pretty confident with getting through the White wash. We have been able to contact all of our investigators and have lessons with them. We have met with all the bishops and ward mission leaders. We have set goals and established expectations for the work in the wards. We feel that we are caught up to speed with everything and things are headed in the right direction.

Elder Johnson and i had our first baptism together this Saturday for Olivia Dayton! We taught her the last few lessons she needed and got everything set up for the baptism! It went really well the spirit was so strong there. Olivia's mom and step mom attended and they are both non-members. I hope and pray that the spirit touched them. I know it did because it filled the room. We hope to see if we can start teaching her step mom soon.

We both volunteered to speak in our wards so that the members could get to know us. Yesterday we spoke in our Victor 1st ward. Elder Johnson did such a great job for his first talk on his mission. I was so proud of him and how even though he was nervous he did his best and it went very well. He has been sharing a lot more during lessons and has a great personality that relates to those we teach. 

I am doing well, the first week was pretty stressful but things have settled and everything has been great i am confident in my assignments and i pray that the Lord will lead and guide me to fulfill them.

Something one of the members told us, was "how important our missions are because this is the time when God teaches us who we really are. And who he needs us to be. We also come to know who the Savior is." i have found this to be so true. 

i have definitely seen this, this past few days. The Lord has been molding me and teaching me so many things about my self. And there is so much that i have learned from Elder Johnson. 

I am excited for this transfer and this opportunity to learn all the Lord needs me to learn.

Stoked to Serve 

Elder Soren

Elder Johnson's 1st week

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  1. Ah I LOVED training! You are going to do so well at it, cause you're positive and encouraging! Good work volunteering to give talks...I found that to be an awesome way for the members in a new area to quickly get to know you, but more importantly hear your testimony and feel the fire of missionary work--which gets THEM thinking about missionary work! :) And, Driggs is so pretty! Have a good week! -The Grahams