Monday, May 25, 2015

Driggs & Elder Johnson

Driggs is soooo awesome! It’s so beautiful here. We live in the Teton Valley, the Grand Tetons are in our back yard. We’re surrounded by mountains i love it! This place reminds me a lot of home. The people here are very "Natural" reminds me of the North Shore. The people love the out doors, hiking, biking, skiing, so i probably could fit right in. We get a truck too! It’s sweeet!

If Hawaii got blown up from the Volcano or a Tsunami destroyed it.... I’d live in Driggs for sure!

We’ve met some amazing families already! The members here are a minority, about 40% are members unlike Rigby where it was 80% members. So there is so much work to be done! The members are missionary minded and they are so willing to help us out! The culture of the church here is similar to home, they are very strong members, they have a firm faith. they are humble.

A member in one of our sacrament meetings told me he went to Hukilau Cafe not too long ago. He said "one of the workers there said he had a nephew in this mission" of course i got super excited and said it was me! That was pretty cool, super small world.

We met this family who we already love!  The Barnes family, Sister Barnes’ husband isn’t a member and she has 4 kids, and the missionaries have been teaching them for a while. They have a 3 year old girl with leukemia. Her name is Edie (eee-dee) she’s soooo cute. There is such a special spirit with this family. Sister Barnes is such a strong woman, she is such a great example. We had a fmaily home evening lesson with them and it was awesome. They are such a sweet family. I am excited to continue teaching them the Gospel.

We have a baptism coming up this Saturday. Her name is Olivia. She was never baptized when she was younger and with her friend’s help and influence she made the decision to be baptized. We're teaching her the last few lessons and she’s gonna be baptized! 

MY SON, Elder Johnson

Elder Johnson is from Missouri, he comes from a family of 10, 8 kids, he’s the second oldest. He comes from a military family. He is pretty awesome we get along pretty good! He is pretty out going and talks to everyone. He is engaged in the work and takes initiative with plans and going out! He’s awesome! He is so excited to be here. He’s very humble and caring for everyone. He is a good example. I am so excited to train him and show him the ropes of missionary work. I know he will be one of the best missionaries ever!

Training definitely brings out your weaknesses. But I am so excited to work hard and be the best I can be and my companion is a great blessing because ill probably finish my mission here. The Lord has set us up for success and I know it will be the best last 4 months. I’m soooo excited and so so grateful to be a missionary! i love this work and i Love the Lord. 

Stoked out of my Mind! 

Elder Soren
New Address:  as of now its 
140 N 3rd E 
Driggs, ID  

-Louis,making me look good before transfers

-Transfer site with Elder Johnson

- Driggs (google pics just so you can see)

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