Monday, June 29, 2015


Didn’t email last week because we went to Yellowstone Park the whole day. It was sooo beautiful. So much wildlife and scenery. We went with Grandpa Glenn from Rigby. It was a blast. I know it may seem like i have to much fun on my mission but it's important to relieve stress. Work hard play hard. It definitely helps a lot. We only get to go to Yellowstone once on our mission so we had to take it up since it's so close. We had a good time there, Buffalo, Hot Pools, Geysers, Elk so many awesome things to see. 

The Work has been really good. We were able to teach a ton this week. We had dinner with Trent Lee and his wife Nikki and their little 5 week-old baby, Rowdy. The one we gave a blessing to a few weeks ago. He’s home from the Hospital now and is getting stronger. We were so happy to hear they could take him home and that we could have dinner with them at the Dayton’s. It was such a special night. We had a great Gospel Discussion after dinner and now Trent wants us to come over every Tuesday and Friday to teach him. "Miracles". We have dinner again with them tomorrow night at the Dayton’s and we really look forward to going. I love this family. Trent is rough around the edges, but has such a good heart. His son’s birth changed his perspective on life and he has the desire to have a better life for his family. THE GOSPEL BLESSES FAMILIES. 

We got a phone call this week, a Brother Hansen who just moved with his family from Oregon. He said they have a foreign exchange student living with them who is leaving in a week back to Germany. She wants all the lessons before she goes. He told us how she had a very Spiritual experience when the family visited the Boise Temple. She told us there was just an over whelming feeling that came upon her. It brought tears to her eyes and made her heart pound. She thought something weird was happening to her but when she found out she wasn’t the only one that was feeling that way, when they told her it was the Spirit she was so happy.

Her name is Nadine she’s 18, we’ve seen her everyday for a week sometimes even twice a day. She just soaks everything up and wants more! We took her to a baptism on Saturday and she said when the men were confirming the little girl she felt the Spirit touch her heart, similar feelings to the experience she had at the Boise Temple. God blessed us with her just to teach her the Gospel to take back home.  She wants to be baptized when she gets back to Germany. She’s so awesome! We have a lesson with her tonight and tomorrow. She’s gold. She was also impressed with President Uchtdorf's English. Of course we had to show her our German Apostle... lol

Things are so good in the Valley. The Lord has been teaching me so many wonderful lessons, especially while training. I am so grateful for all the times he tests us, and i have felt the joy from passing through those tests with Patience. I know that patience is truly a virtue. It’s not easy but it's worth it. 

I am so grateful for the patience of my parents.  It’s such a crazy experience. i feel like a parent haha. I feel like my mom sometimes i even say some of the things she would tell us. "Can you clean your stuff."  "WAKE UP its 6:30!"  i even said this one once, "There are too many things i need to do right now i don’t have time to stress about that!" hahahahhahahah. It’s such a good learning experience. I already knew my mom was right growing up, but mom you were right.... haha

The Lord always delivers us from the trials we face and once they are over we are so much stronger. 

President Hancock comes in today, excited for the Spirit he will bring

Love the mission.

Stoked to Serve 

Elder Soren

with Grandpa Glenn from Rigby
Lunch :)
the sister missionary is from Hilo, reppin 808 State

Rigby Missionaries. I miss Rigby!

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