Monday, May 4, 2015

Mellow week

This week we have been finding and teaching a lot. We had an awesome Zone Training, Elder Jones and I led. Things have been good. Elder Jones and I have been working hard. We know a miracle is comin our way. I probably know everyone in RIgby now. We’ve been all over Rigby walking a lot more now that it’s warm. I got my tan back but only on my face and arms lol. We’re really excited to be out in our area doing everything we can to find and teach. Blessings come everyday. 

We had a miracle this Sunday, one of our investigators Bryan, who just recently overcame alcoholism. He’s doing so awesome! I’ve been teaching him since i got here. Yesterday he told us that on Thursday night he finally prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true and he got a very specific answer. He said he knew it was true. We were soooo happy. The Lord truly blesses us with miracles, as we love those we teach. He also talked about baptism but wouldn’t tell us his answer about that he said we gotta wait. We are so excited to help him learn more and have more spiritual experiences like this. 

This morning we went mountain biking with Carlos our recent convert. It was sooo fun!

The weeks are flying by and there’s so many blessings that we are seeing. 

Stoked to serve 
Elder Soren

Elder Soren, Elder Jones & Carlos

Snow on the ground in May

Wow Buuurger!!!

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