Monday, November 17, 2014

Snow Snow Snow

This week it Dumped Snow on us! It was bitter cold for 2 days at first with a little bit of snow. Then SNOW tons of SNOW. I LOVE IT! its not too cold not as bad as the first 2 days. We started playing Christmas music in the car already. Might as well take advantage of the snow during this time of year. It's my last winter here! Better make the most of it! 

We had a mission tour this week with Elder Martino from the 70. It was such an awesome day. He blew my mind. So many new ideas and ways to more effectively do missionary work. One of the most important things, we are making an emphasis on teaching in members homes. He shared with us the example of Alma and Amulek and how Amulek astonished all who heard him. We are finding our Amulek's who would be able to relate to our investigators and have them in their home. There are about 500 ideas that came to my mind about how i wanna start working more efficiently. Im so excited to use them! 

Elder Fontes and I have been seeing amazing things happen. 

One successful tracting story haha. We were driving to set up an appointment and i drove past their house on accident and turned around to go back. We got out and felt that we should knock this door. A lady answered and after she greeted us we could tell she was a member and introduced ourselves and talked a little. She told us she was coinsidently trying to get her 9 year old baptized... We were like uhhhh we can help with that haha. So we set up a lesson. Saturday night we went over and met the whole Family. The Winns. They are a sweet little family. Mariah the 9 year old is cute and so happy. We set a date for her baptism 2 weeks from Sat. Nov. 29 and they all were happy and excited. Brother Winn said "that's awesome because its our anniversary that day!" it was so cool. This was a miracle for us. We had no one who was ready to be baptized for this month and the Lord handed us this amazing blessing. The Spirit truly guides us to those who are ready! 

We also met another family, The Lunds. They are Raddd. Brother Lund is a member not really active and his wife isn't a member. They were so nice to us and we felt like family within the first 20min of being there. We talked for a while and shared a message. We asked them if we could come back and he said yep how does every Monday at 7pm work? uhhhh we were like, that's awesome lets do it! Usually we have to be the ones setting the appointments but Brother Lund is awesome. They even offered to feed us every monday. He wants to learn all the spam recipes i know hahah. So next Monday is Spam night. Imma make musibis and maybe fried rice! so stoked. Heavenly Father is really guiding us to help those who need the gospel.

We had another lesson with a lady named Lori and her daughter who is dating a RM. They never really let us in but since the daughter was there she let us come. Lori is evangelical and is very open about her love for Jesus. She heard a ton of things from members who have left the Church. So she had a ton of questions. We did our best to answer. But her daughter told us about when she died giving birth and her experience. It was so heart warming to hear what heaven is kinda like. it was so cool to see. One thing i loved that night was how open Lori is about her beliefs. I want to be that way to. I want to overcome that fear of being looked at weird because i love the Lord so much. Lori is so awesome!

I'm so excited to be a missionary. The Lord is really looking out for us and it's so awesome to see his hand in our lives. I definitely know anything and everything is possible. The Lord always provides a way to accomplish the task at hand when we trust him.

I love this Gospel and hope to share this love with everyone that is placed in my path.

untill next week, Love ya

Stoked to Serve
Elder Soren
*Elder Sitivi from Samoa
*more poly missionaries and our companions
Wood projects to heat our investigators house

our bonfire!

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