Monday, September 1, 2014

Dis Week Bah....


       This week was sweeeet. Elder Jones and I got to conduct Zone Conference. It was pretty fun! It was cool to work with President Brinkerhoff. We spoke in church yesterday. My talk was based off of this past April conference talk by Bishop Stevenson "Your 4 Minutes". One of my favorites! I definitely do not want to waste anymore time! Especially how fast time is going. This month ill hit my Year Mark. I remember when i was home and Caleb got to his year mark and now he's HOME!! holy cow. NUTS. I love my mission. Every single aspect of it. I am thankful for the Lord in giving me this opportunity to serve him. 

I got to go on exchanges and meet some great people! James Odeary, he's awesome! His prayer sounded like a rap!  He's trying to quit drinking so we write Jesus Christ on his beers. haha he doesn't finish them and tries to run away when he see us coming. hahaha. He appreciates our help tho he knows he needs to quit.
         We have been having success. Success in different ways. Success in ways that don't always seem like success. But we feel successful because we work hard. We're obedient. and we dont give up! we know that the Lord has something great in store for us :)  



Jaque said that her sister was sooo happy the whole time, and there were so many people there to support! what a blessing it is! they had to have it in the Logan tabernacle because there was so many people. She said her sister came out of the water laughing because she was so happy!

i am so so happy! Jaque is taking a D&C class at the institute and is loving her new ward! I am so happy for her! SHE'S THE BESTTTT!

I love love missionary work. We are finding a ton of people to teach! our good friend Mike is meeting with us again and he's awesome. I have always been worried about "Getting Baptisms" that i didn't find the joy in just teaching people about Christ. I now have that mindset. that no matter if our lessons cancel or we don't have much in baptisms or people not wanting to meet with us, just sharing the gospel makes me so happy.  

      Elder Jones and I are getting along so well. We pretty much read each others minds. Transfers are coming up and I hope we get to stay together. He has taught me so much and there is so much more to learn.

I read in Mosiah this morning for studies and i was moved by his humility. i want to echo the words of the great King Benjamin because i feel the same way "I had spent my days in your service, I do not desire to boast, for i been in the service of God."  This is Gods work. He is always in control. Miracles happen because of him. We are only servants. We are only messengers. But all the great things that happen, is because He loves every single one of his children. 
I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve. I am forever indebted to my Father in Heaven for this wonderful blessing.

I love my mission. I love Idaho. 


Elder Soren 

BTDUBS I buzzed my head! 

Jaque and her Sister

with James

got to have dinner with the Barelas! 

and saw Destiny and Ravyn on the Street!!
i haven't seen them in forever! (my first baptisms)

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