Monday, September 22, 2014


Time flies when your in the service of your God,

          I can't believe it's been a year already. This is going by way to fast. I know i'll wake up one morning in my bed back home and not even know where the time went. Right now i don't want that morning to come. i love being a missionary. I feel like i have learned everything i need to know, to know "How to be a Missionary" now it's time to use everything i've learned and will learn to the fullest, to labor till that morning comes. 
          This week was a week of miracles. Rigby is a Zone of miracles. I still love Rigby, its so peaceful and mellow. Driving through fields, trees, no one on the streets. it's calm. And the spirit is felt so strong here. The people are good and the water is clean. haha. i enjoy it here. :)

           Elder Fontes and I have 3 miracle baptisms coming up. Karol, Casey, and Ashley. They are amazing. Karol is a wonderful woman who lost her husband and has found the Lord. Casey a single mother of 2 of the cutest twins. And Ashley one of the most humble 13 year olds i have ever met. 3 separate lives, but similarities in their faith in Christ. They motivate me to change. I try to do everything i can for them and their conversion. they matter to me. 
            It's amazing how, when you love someone you change for them. You change for good. Because you are ultimately changing for God. I find it interesting how you could meet someone for 5 minutes and love them. Love is a strong word. so how could one love someone they have just met? Maybe it's because we found one of our friends from the pre-mortal life, or just the knowledge that they are children of our Father in Heaven. What ever it is it's powerful. 
            I saw friend from the Laie 2nd ward this week. Brother Clements. I don't know if Idaho is just popular or if the world is even smaller in the church. I even met my friend Giddeon's sister in-laws parents. The Morgan's they had us over for dinner and we talked about hawaii the whole time. 
           It's kind of funny that even though Elder Fontes is from Brazil, peoples reactions are still the same when i say i'm from Hawaii. haha i guess people don't really know much about Brazil and it seems like everyone has been to Hawaii here. So they just get so excited about their experience. I find it a blessing to be able to bring those happy memories back and relate to people. The Lord has prepared the way for me.

          Elder Fontes and I got to host and put together the missionary fireside last night in Idaho Falls. It turned out great! Fontes counted about 130 people. I got to conduct the meeting, I was nervous at first but after the first couple announcements i was comfortable speaking on the mic. It's so awesome that the mission teaches us so much. Especially getting out of your comfort zone when you have to speak to a lot of people. 

           I love my mission. 

Stoked to Serve

Elder Soren

Rigby, Idaho

scheduling Appointments?

The Rexburg Temple

with Bro. Clements

Rigby High School

what our weekly planning turns into...
Me sticking Fontes' stuff to the roof

                                                   Domb Dinners


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