Monday, September 8, 2014


This has been such a crazy week! IM GETTING TRANSERED!!! :( i'm finally leaving Pocatello... being transferred up to RIGBY. Its pretty far up there I don't know much about it but that in the winter it gets cold, so that will be an adventure!

       I'm pretty sad to leave poky i've spent a year here, it's home to me. Yesterday when we were baring our testimonies it felt like another farewell talk :( I made so many friends here and there are so many people that I call family, its sad to leave them. But I know the Lord has families and people in store that I am meant to meet. I'm gunna miss Elder Jones and all the missionaries here in Pocatello. I only know a few missionaries up north in Idaho falls but all my friends are here.

        Although i'm leaving I am stoked for a fresh start and a new adventure! I met my new companion Elder Fontes at MLC this Friday! he's super cool. he's from Brazil, my second brown companion! haha We are already best friends! we sat next to each other at the meeting and talked about the Zone. We have some really great missionaries, i'm so excited to work with them and serve them! I'm excited for the Holidays and spending the major ones with Families I get to meet in Rigby. IT'S GUNNA BE FUN BEING IN THE SNOWWWW I can't wait for it to be packed with snow!!!!

       I don't have my new address yet but this is the new mission address!

 135 S7th Ave. Pocatello ID 83201

This morning I became a true Idahoan. And Embraced my inner MOKE. Roman and Raul Barela took elder jones and I up the mountain to look for Deer Sheds ( Antlers ) so we hiked the mountains.  They taught us how to look for tracks and where the deer lay. I found one! It was cool. I loved being in the hills early in the morning with a nice breeze, it reminded me a little of home or my new home ;) I miss being out doors were ALWAYS indoors. so it was refreshing to be out in the open. I'm gunna miss the mountains I heard Rigby's flat.

        This week we had so many blessing!  We were able to teach a bunch and find so many new investigators! We had 2 church tours! that's awesome for us!

         We contacted a referral from my second area. Her name is Kaite she is sooo awesome! She has bin fellowshipped by her neighbors who I knew really well. Bishop Bybee and I went to go contact her on splits and she was so enthusiastic and let us in and talked with us for half an hour!  It was so awesome, we invited her to church and a church tour. She called us yesterday an hour before church and said she was there and we felt bad because church didn't start for an hour. She knew, She wanted a church tour before church so we were stoked! We gave her one and introduced her to some of the members in the ward. It was such an awesome Fast and Testimony meeting. She Loved It!

          I am so excited for Elder Jones and all the upcoming success that him and his new companion will have.

          What I learned from Elder Jones this Transfer:
I learned PERSISTANCE, he is very persistent and diligent. Once this guy totally told us that he wasn't interested and didn't want to meet with us but we convinced him to just learn a little bit more and so he ended up talking to us. We talked for a while and he was pretty interested at the end! so that was awesome!

I learned to WORK HARD. Just to keep working and working till its time to go home. He never liked being in the house and I caught that bugg too. I don't like being home so we're always out and about.

I learned to be BOLD. He is very Bold, and confident in what he says. I learned that the only way you can be bold and confident is by being Obedient. If you are obedient you have the spirit so what ever BOLD thing you say is inspired.

I learned a lot more but those are some of the attributes I really needed to learn I am so very grateful for Elder Jones and for all he's taught me.

I am so so so excited for this fresh start and excited to meet new people and new families in a very different small town area! I love missionary work and the eternal blessing that come from it!

 135 S7th Ave. Pocatello ID 83201

Stoked to Serve

Elder Soren

with new comp Elder Fontes (from Brazil)

with Roman and Raul 

Pocatello Mountains

an adorable deer 
need to find the right side before going home

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