Monday, September 15, 2014



    Rigby is so awesome!!! I absolutely love it here!!! Rigby is so different from Pocatello. Everyone here is so mellow and chill. Everyone is so loving and genuine. Its a very small town. Lots of farms and the houses are all far away from one another. SOOO different. The families are so nice and so supportive of missionary work. Everyone just seems so happy here.

    The Rigby Zone is stacked with exceptional missionaries. There are 6 sets of sisters and 4 sets of Elders including Elder Fontes and I. The Sisters carry the whole zone. They are such awesome sisters! There is an Elder Keil in the zone, he said he has relatives in Laie. Most likely related to the Keils in Laie 2nd ward, garantee Uncle Magi and his family. Small world. All missionaries in the Zone are fun hard working missionaries i'm so excited to be here!!! 

     Elder Fontes is such an amazing missionary. I am so excited to serve with him. He's super chill but such a hard worker. We get along so well. He's super funny and we have a good time with the Zone. I hope i stay here for a long time. I hope to serve with him for a couple transfers. I just love it here! the Lord knows i need good companions to keep me in check haha i've always had the best of the best. 

      We have so much work here and i am so excited to work with families again. We have some amazing investigators here. It already feels like family. 

We had our first miracle this week. One of our investigators, Karol's, baptismal date was on general conference weekend. We asked her to pray about moving her date closer in September. She didn't like it at first. The next time we went over She said... 

"You know what, i've prayed once, twice, 5 times, and i haven't got and answer yet.... So i think God already gave me my answer and now i gotta make my own choices... Your on Buckos!" hahah

We were so stoked! She came to church yesterday and is progressing to her baptism on the 27th.

I am so so so excited to be here and to serve in Rigby. 

Stoked to Serve
Elder Soren

Serious Socks

Elder Keil half Samoan? lol yeaaaaaa

Hermana Nielson! 
She knows some of the California kids from BYUH

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