Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hey Hey!

      This week has been pretty good, im getting to know the area a little better and meeting all the members. They are awesome, we have smaller wards here so its a lot different. The people in my area are supportive in helping us with our missionary work!

       My companion is awesome, he puts up with my crazy noises and all the energy I release when we get home that I have stored throughout the day. Haha. that hasn't changed. He has taught me a lot just from his example. Im excited to work with him and work hard in my new area.

        There are a couple guys that we are teaching who live in a recovery home. They are the most humble guys. One of them expressed his feelings about the Holy Ghost  and being baptized he said " i can't wait to be baptized so i can feel the holy ghost every second!". They go to church every Sunday and read their scriptures everyday. The junk thing is that they can't get baptized till 2016 because of their parole. But they are converted in their hearts and thats all that matters. Meeting with them is always a humbling experience. 

       We had our first district meeting this week. I was so nervous but the other missionaries said it went well and they enjoyed it so I was happy. Im getting the hang of things but still got a lot to learn and to focus on. One of the things that I like about the district leader calling is talking to the other missionaries and helping them and encouraging them. The sisters in my district are so awesome they are always stoked to work and they made me cookies haha. The only set of Elders I have are pretty hilarious and we all get along pretty well. They are all hard working missionaries its so good to learn from every single one of them. They all have different and unique personalities, and its so awesome to see their desire and potential. 

       One of the most wonderful things that I love about the calling i have is that i get to serve and think about others and i dont have time to think about myself. When you perform service for others you really are the most happy. I haven't worried about ME and all MY struggles this past week and its been the most wonderful week. I am so happy that i have been given a job in the mission, a job that pays in joy. 

I love my mission
i love my calling
im stoked to serve

Elder Soren


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