Monday, February 10, 2014

Called to be a District Leader in the Pocatello North Zone

 Tēna Koutou

  This week has been pretty crazy, We have been teaching more lessons which is awesome! And we have a baptism coming up this Saturday! For a set of 9 year old twins. Im so excited cuz I get to baptize them!

     But the highlight of the week was transfer calls. I was called to be a District Leader in the Pocatello North Zone. I was pretty baffled because I feel like im still trying to learn how to be a missionary. But I am really excited to have this calling. Its a calling of service to fellow missionaries and those in my new area. I am more than willing and honored to receive this calling. I have looked at it as an answer to my prayers.

      I have been asking Heavenly Father for change, I have been wanting change in my mission. I noticed that the district i was in was causing me to get too relaxed. I asked to strengthen me and help me to be more focused on the work. Ive been asking for help to be the missionary i want to be not the missionary i have been. I have been distracted by a lot of things and my efforts haven't been where i want them to be. But now I am almost forced to focus, I am motivated knowing that i have to be an example to the missionaries in my district. I have to work harder so that they can trust me. I want to be a great missionary and i know that this calling will help me achieve that. I am nothing more than blessed. I am just another missionary like everyone else but with more responsibilities.

       Im super excited because Elder Duano my trainer is going to be my Zone Leader and train me on how to be a district leader! I was sooooo stoked because we work so well together and he is such an awesome missionary. Crazy that we're together again.

       Elder Dunlap will be staying in this area, follow up training, a trial missionary.

     Stoked to stoke.

     When i found out i was leaving my area i was pretty sad. This is home to me, the members, the friends i've made, those i've come to love. Yesterday's fast & testimony meeting was like another mission farewell, they announced that i was leaving in all 3 wards and i was like dang i didn't want anyone to know but, i bore my testimony. It was hard because i could see my new ohana in the isles. Leaving loved ones once again. But i know that the Lord has prepared his children in the Alameda stake to hear my testimony. I have been prepared to be a leader. I know that this is the will of my Heavenly Father. A good friend of mine, told me "God trusts you enough with what he has given you...Because he knows you can do anything he asks" this has comforted me and i fear not. I know that the only way i can fulfill this calling is to put all of my trust in the Lord, and do anything and everything he tells me.

       This Morning Elder Malau'ulu is going home, he finished his mission. It was hard to say good bye to him. He was there to pick me up from the mission home, he was there when i was struggling, he played a big part in helping Pocatello feel like home. He's my giant Samoan brother. He has taught me so much and how i can be a great missionary. He is such an amazing example. We would call each other Sole and eat Hawaiian and Samoan food all the time. MUSUBI'S almost everyday. I nick named him pani po po, hahaha. Im gunnna miss him. 

      Because i was leaving the area the Aki's had us over for dinner! i was sooooooo stoked because we had POI. I didn't know how much i loved poi!!! I have all kinds of Hawaiian food here but the POI made everything feel like i was back at home! We also had Pok'e!! I was like noooo wayyyy. You don't even know how happy i was. Also lomi salmon and fish cake. SO SO SO happy. Another member gave me 3 things of Portuguese sausage!!! cant wait fo grind one mean dinnah tonight! CHEEE HEEE hahaha.

      I am so excited for this new transfer. I am so excited to be a new missionary. I know that my Heavenly Father has placed me exactly where i need to be. He knows that it will bless my mission and my Life. I know that he answers prayers with callings or trials, for our experience. I love my savior. I know that the key to reach our full potential is to ask for his help. He preformed an atonement so that we can improve. Lets take every advantage of this gift to grow and learn. He didn't die for us for fun. He has blessed us with a gift and i have learned how to use it. It has worked miracles in my life. I wouldn't be who i am without my Savior. I love my Heavenly Father, I love my Savior, I love my Mission, I love my Family.

i aroha koutou katoa ( i love you all )

Elder Soren 

Dinner with the Aki's

Dinner with the Gibson's

Elder Malau'ulu and I

Our Zone

Elder Polley and I were stuck outside the Stake Center
with an hour till a baptismal interview,
so we found some cardboard and went snow shredding!

One hour!

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