Monday, March 3, 2014

5 months already. Balancing out, Numbers and Love


        This week was pretty out of the norm... things are great though. The weather is very bipolar, yesterday it was sunny then it started raining, then hailing... and storming, thunder and everything... Good thing i brought my umbrella. haha.

       This week we had our zone conference and attended a funeral for a family that passed away in our zone :( so it was a pretty interesting week in Pocatello.

       The Funeral was a pretty sad event for all of Pocatello. A bunch of us missionaries in the area went to sing before the funeral it was a very spiritual event and an honor.  I don't know how far news travels, but 4 members of a family passed away due to carbon monoxide poisoning.  Parents and 2 young sons.  The only surviving family members were their 2 missionaries serving in the states. The missionaries came home to support their family for the funeral and are planning on going back out.  I can't even imagine what i would do if i were in their shoes. The funeral service was huge about 2000 people and broadcast to England where the mom is from. It was one of the most wonderful funeral services i've been to.  I would say it was just as powerful as stake or general conference.  Everything that was said was focused on the plan of salvation and missionary work. The father that passed away was the ward mission leader for 2 of my elders and we had just seen him at the baptism they had the day they passed.  So missionary work was talked about a lot. Even a general authority from the quorum of the 70 was there on behalf of the first presidency. This funeral service reminded me why I am serving a mission and how grateful i am for my family and for this beautiful gospel plan that we have been blessed with. The example of those 2 missionaries humbled every bone in my body. I always think i have it hard but nothing compared to these 2 faithful servants of the Lord. Their example and story will be in my heart through out the rest of my mission and my life.

       One of the things that i have been working on is trying balance loving the people and producing numbers and not loosing myself to the statistics. Having to be an example to the district, I have to be showing that the skills that are taught work through the example of my area. I knew this when i was called, so the first 2 weeks i came in "guns blazin".. lol all stoked and amped to baptize and convert, to put numbers on the board, to get the district to produce numbers also. What i quickly learned was that it wasn't working... once i realized that things need time and love in order to progress I realized that i was caught up in the Mission's Standard of Excellence and not paying attention to the people and their hearts.
        As i realized this mentality, i remembered the words from a friend of mine who told me a few months ago..."remember the numbers are only important because they show us our progress... they are not the focus...serve and share with LOVE all who the Lord puts in front of in God and the work He has set out for you to do. And I promise you that if you do all of this the "numbers" will soar off the charts without you even trying."  The words in this letter kept coming into my head and as I read the letter and pondered it i know that these things were inspired from the Lord for this specific reason. He knew that i would have to be dealing with numbers and He knew that i would have this calling. He had my friend send this inspired letter specifically for me at this time in my life and mission.
        I never thought numbers could ever get in the way of loving others but i am glad that i realized this early on in my mission and im so grateful for my friend and her obedience to the spirit. I tried this week to focus less on the numbers and statistics and focus on listening and loving. I have seen some amazing and "magical" things happen in lessons, and as i serve others. It has been so amazing and I know that this lesson that I have learned will bless my mission and those who I meet and love.

        These experiences that have changed my life I will cherish forever. These experiences have taught me wonderful life skills that will continue to bless me and my family for generations. Life lessons that money could never buy. Blessings that gold or silver could never amount to. These are experiences that one could only have by serving our loving Heavenly Father.

Stoked to be a Servant.

Elder Soren

Our Zone

a picture of a picture but ya that's when Elder Bednar was with us.... i wasn't smiling…The Whole Mission
with Elder Rabe
One of my friends that we're teaching in a recovery home, he's the man!

Pocatello, Idaho
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One huge dog that was bigger than me!

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