Monday, September 14, 2015

Dis Week

This week has been interesting. There is a lot of mixed emotions of course. But were still on our feet doin our thing! 

Elder Brooks is awesome. I’m always impressed at how well he is doing only being 2 months out. I know he will be such a great tool in the Lord’s hands as he continues to improve. We had an awesome comp inventory haha it’s always needed in all relationships. The Lord teaches us so many lessons that are necessary to life out here. 

Elder Brooks did such a great job this week we had to correlate with all of our bishops and he had some really good input. I definitely wasn’t as prepared when I came out. I look forward to hearing from him and seeing how much he will grow! He is very patient with me and I’m so grateful for that.

We had an opportunity to pump up the young men in one of our wards yesterday to prepare to go on a mission. I always love doing that because my mission has been THE greatest blessing by far, in my life. I told them how I never really lived the gospel principals before my mission. Heck I barley went to church! But My Heavenly Father loves me, so he gave me an opportunity to live the perfect gospel of Jesus Christ for 2 whole years. As I’ve lived it I’ve grown to love it and cherish it more that anything. I am so grateful for my Father in Heaven. He knows exactly what we need in order to be who he needs us to be. 

Someone who means so much to me gave me a Father’s Blessing before I go. Brother Dayton invited us over for dinner and it was just us and all his crazy boys. We had a wonderful discussion about charity. I know I was meant to meet Brother Dayton, even though we aren’t teaching his friend Trent we still come over and we have been able to develop a special relationship. He is such a great example to me and we’ve been able to serve each other the whole time I’ve served here. I gave him a blessing 2 weeks ago and ever since his countenance has be so much brighter. He has been having such a hard time with his struggles. :( But this last week as he gave me a blessing, I felt all the specific temptations I’ve been struggling with leave me one by one. As I left my heart got lighter and lighter. Heavenly Father told me through his blessing some very specific instructions on what I need to do to prepare for what’s up ahead. I love Brother Dayton. I know we knew that one day we would meet and support each other through life.  He said "you know Elder Soren, one day we will stand shoulder to shoulder and testify that Jesus is the Christ". I am so grateful for those who I have met on my mission that will be my friends forever.  

I love my mission, I know the Lord has taught me all I need to know to have a firm foundation for the rest of my life.

email ya next week!

Stoked 2 Serve 

Elder Soren

At the Dayton's

we also put gold fish in the sisters bath tub lol 
cuz they pranked our truck

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