Monday, September 7, 2015

Baptisms for the Dead

This week we had a pretty unique experience with the missionaries who are returning home. At the end of our missions we go with President, his Wife and the departing missionaries for one last Temple trip before we go. We met at the Rexburg Temple. I was there on time but the rest of the Elders were late. Due to the Idaho Falls Temple being closed Rexburg has been packed! Sister Hancock and all the sisters went in while I gave up my ticket to stay with the Elders. President Hancock said "well I guess you guys will have more baptisms today than you have had your whole mission" as we proceeded to the baptismal font downstairs.... First time ever in the IPM Temple departing trip history, we who arrived at the MTC together + Elder Fontes(cuz he’s da AP) did baptisms for the dead. 

This was such a spiritual experience. Elder Fontes and I were the First 2 in the font. I was so happy and just stoked that one of my best friends whom I’ve had some of the most spiritual experiences with got to baptize me for those who have not yet received the ordnance. What are the odds that he and I spent many experience in the Temples together. The day Ashley our recent convert passed away we were in the temple, when our dear friend Lynn Dee received her endowments, and now at the end of my mission, we were able to have this wonderful experience. I was so happy he was there.

After I was done with my names we switched and I got to baptize him. The thoughts came to me of all the happy souls who have been waiting many years to have this ordinance done for them. My heart was happy and I was smiling the whole time. It was so special. 

It brought a remembrance of the last time I did baptisms for the dead. And that was when I baptized my mom for her grandmother and then we were sealed for her and my mom’s granddad after the endowment session. I remember that day so clearly. It was one of the most precious experiences I’ve had with my mama. 

What a blessing we have to preform the ordinances for those that we love and those who did not have the chance. I know our Heavenly Father loves all of us equally.  I know he loves me.

Fun stuff tho! After the Temple trip we went and got Froyo with Casey our convert and her babies!!!! sooo fun, I missed those babies, they are super big now. Casey is fully active and goes to institute! I remember when Fontes and I were worried she wasn’t gonna stay active. But she’s on fire!

There’s a picture of David Nolan the one we teach and play Uno with. He’s a champ!

And we took a detour to see the St. Anthony sand dunes.

Keep on keepin on

Stoked to Serve

Elder Soren

Elder Haws, Elder Fontes, and Elder Soren
Elder Haws and Elder Fontes are Assistants to the President
and Elder Soren and Elder Haws are in the same Departing Missionary Group
Casey and Son's with
Elders Soren, Fontes & Brooks
with David Nolan, the Uno champ!
Elder Brooks and Elder Soren 
St. Anthony Sand Dunes

Idaho sand...

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