Monday, July 20, 2015

Huckle Berries

This week was good, Elder Johnson and I have been finding more and teaching. There are so many missionary minded families here. They are so supportive and helpful. 

We’ve been working with Trent still. He’s pretty awesome, his boy Rowdy is so big now, healthy and strong. That’s sooo good cuz little Rowdy was struggggling. 

We have been able to see the Barnes family. We helped them move down the street a few weeks ago. Kind of a bummer for them cuz they moved into a smaller house and have all the kids and to much stuff :( but we’ve been helping them out. They are such a great family.

Since we got here Elder Johnson and I have been visiting a guy named David Nolan. He’s a convert, he has special needs and he lives on his own and is older. We go and visit him every now and then to share a message with him and after play a game of Uno. He loves Uno. He doesn't have much company so he’s always excited to see us, its good to do this kind of missionary work. Most of the time there’s a lot of pressure to teach and baptize but when we have lessons with people like David they are always sweet and memorable. 

We went Huckle Berry picking with Brother and Sister Starkey this morning. It was fun! Afterwards we went to the Kearsley’s and made smoothies and shakes. We’re taking advantage of all the Idaho things to do here. Driggs is so beautiful. 

We had dinner with the Olsen family. A big Filipino party! soooooo muchhh LUMPIAAAA. It was soo good. Tons of Filipino food & so many crazy Fillipino aunties all laughing and yelling! Hahaha reminded me of home! i love it! 

Life’s been good. Love my mission. Missionary work feels like normal life, it’s just what we do and who we are, its’ weird to think of life without a white shirt and name tag. Trying not to think of home. not trunky ... haha 

Always Stoked to Serve

Elder Soren


i didnt actually paint that bridge.... it was bear spray… 
                                    good thing i didnt have real paint or i would have….

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