Monday, August 4, 2014


Si Siqua 

          These past 4 days have been soooo sick! I got a new Comp! Elder Jones! he's awesome! We call him General Conference Jones. Idk if yalls remember the general conference talk when President Beck talked about the girl who was bullied and the football team protected her? He's the one that Elder Beck was talking about! Elder Jones is one of the most humble guys i know. We are already best friends. We have been getting along so well and im stoked to be comps with him. He has been a great example to me these past couple days and has straighten me out! haha. 

         We already have had miracles! We were contacting some people but they werent home or too busy. We saw a couple talking on the street and we decided to talk to them even though they werent YSA age. The the guy just got out of jail and has been reading the bible. We talked with him and he was interested. But he said His LDS room mate was new to pocatello and has been looking for his ward. So he went in the house to get him. His room mate came out Matt was his name. He expressed how all day we was stressing out trying to find his ward in an unknown city. He was looking through phone books, calling numbers, doing everything he could to find a church. Matt just got out of jail 3 days ago too and wanted to become an active member again but didnt know how to or even where to start. He told us we were an answer to his prayers. We were so grateful to meet Matt. He happen to be YSA age. We invited him to church. And he came. He even bore his testimony.
           I'm looking forward to this next transfer and all the exciting things coming up! The Zone we have is stacked with great missionaries!  Even a sister missionary from Kapolei who knows Joe Fonoimoana, crazy. 
            I got to talk to one of President Pere's (grandpa!) missionaries on the phone!  An Elder Furniss. It was awesome to hear stories about him and how strict he was lol. 
 What a blessing it is to be a missionary. I love this work.  

Stoked to Serve

Elder Soren

Elder Jones and Elder Soren

Elder Duano, Elder Soren, & Sisters

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