Monday, August 11, 2014

Aug. 11. 2014


       This week was awesome! Things have been falling into place as they should and the work is moving forward. I love this area and i love serving in the young single adult stake. Everything is so good.

        I am so grateful for Elder Jones and his example. It has been a blessing to have have him as a companion. He is teaching me how to be more diligent and hard working. We have been working hard and loving every second of it. I'm glad the Lord has always blessed me with great companions to help me reach my potential. The Lord knows i need it ;) He has always blessed me with amazing people to look up to and learn from. I am very lucky for all my inspiring family and friends i have who have helped me get to where i am today.

       We were able to teach a lot of lessons this week. Mostly with Less Active members but we are seeing the miracles that come from going out and working. We have been able to meet some of our Heavenly Father's children who are really struggling in life. It makes my heart sad to see the sorrow within them and it motivates me to do everything i can to help them feel the spirit. I know that as we continue to have the spirit in our companionship we will be able to say the things that will be most beneficial to those we meet. 

        On Saturday we took our friend Develle on a church tour for our first lesson. It was awesome. Develle is African American and moved from Minnesota to go to school at ISU. He is the funniest person ive met in Poky. He reminds me of Tau always cracking jokes, getting super stoked about everything and saying words and phrases that ive never heard before hahah "Yeah my friend shes a hooper, She pretty crafty with the rock" (My friend playes basketball. She has a lot of tricks with the ball). haha i love it! We took him throughout the chapel, he had a ton of questions. He liked it a lot and has a great testimony of the Savior. We ended in the baptismal font and there we invited him to be baptized and he said YES. it was powerful to be in the font and invite someone to be baptized. We set a goal for baptism for Sep. 3rd and are excited to start teaching him about the gospel.

         There are planny of times where the mission gets tough but its when we are at the brink of giving up that success follows. 
          At MLC our President talked about how we as leaders are no more than servants. " when you go home no one will ask you if you were a district leader, a zone leader or and assistant on your mission. They will ask who did you serve."  

         I thought about this a lot that day. Often times we think about our position and life and sometimes it out weighs our real purpose to be servants of our fellow men. 

         We only have a short time on the mission to serve and then rest of our life to think about what we did in those 2 years. As with life we only have a few short 80-90 years if were lucky to perform our service unto the Lord. When compared to Eternity the 80 years here on earth is literally "But a small moment". 
        The Presiding Bishop at this past General Conference talked more about our "4 minutes" to do the best we can to prepare to meet god.

I am so happy to be a missionary. I am grateful that i still have a lot of time to serve as a fulltime missionary. But even more grateful to be a member missionary even after.

I love you all and hope your week was great like mine!

Stoked to Serve, 
Elder Soren

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