Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7. 2014


       Idaho is almost just as bipolar as Hawaii. Sun. Rain. Snow. Hail. Rain. Sun. all in the same day. But I love it. Makes it an adventure everyday. We're so spoiled here in the States, Elder Edwards and I guess what were having for dinner, and make bets whether were having pizza, potatoes or Mexican food (not authentic)... I feel bad when I read my Foreign brothers emails and they are in the real struggle. Humbles me. but i'm still over pizza and tortillas...

       Things have been great I have such a testimony about the power of the atonement. One of my new "heroes" since he came here is, Elder Bednar. I feel like for some reason we have a connection... haha probably just stoked I shook his hand, and the fact he was the president for BYU-I. But as I read and listened to his talks and studied his teachings I came to realize I love looking for patterns and reoccurring inspirations that point out different gospel principals in everyday life. His talk in conference yesterday confirmed one of my recent reoccurring personal revelations about the power of the Atonement. That it's not only a power to forgive and redeem, but its the power to do, the power to act. I've witnessed this power as we proselyted this week. We put one foot in front of the other walking into darkness, applying all the principals we've been taught.

Nothing but miracles have been happening everyday. The Lord has literally moved people into our area who are ready to be baptized. 

        I feel as if it's the Faith in Christ to Act, it is the Striving, and Doing part that brings miracles. It's not how well we succeed at memorized scriptures or how successful we are at executing the principals we are taught, or how many people we baptize each month. It's the act of doing. If we DO our best to fulfill our Fathers will, he will see our efforts and the righteous desires of our hearts and bless us with his grace and tender mercies.

        Elder Bednar's council that he shared with us about 2 months ago was again reemphasized in his talk. "these people were empower by the Atonement to Act as Agents and IMPACT their circumstances". He taught us this principal which changed the whole vision of our mission. I have used this principal to act, even though I don't always know what's coming or even how to exactly preform certain principals but as I did I was empowered by the Lord. Words came and the spirit spoke. Prepared sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father were Found. And miracles have brought heavenly happiness into my life.

     I know that the Atonement of our Savior will give us the strength to fulfill our Heavenly Father's will. It will help us "bare up our burdens with ease" -Bedanr. It will help us to BECOME who our Heavenly Father knows we can become. It will help us reach our devine potential that he knows we can reach. By striving and doing all we can to serve our brothers and sisters He will work miracles into our lives. Even if we don't succeed at first keep DOING because every righteous act is success in the eyes of our Eternal Father, especially when we turn outwards and serve. I have come to know the truth of these principals because I have done my best to apply them and ACT. I know it works and I know its because of my Savior and His sacrifice.

I love my mission and everything I am learning. But what good is learning if we don't apply what we learn. That's why missions are so special, it gives us the opportunity to act and apply the truths of the gospel so that we may gain a testimony of them.

I wanted to talk more about what I loved at general conference but I forgot my notes at home. But this is one of the things i've learned that really impacted my life. I hope your prayers were answered and your heart was full with the joy of his spirit.

I love you all and hope that you will ACT and apply what you have learned in conference.

I promise you will receive happiness in many different ways, as you act on the council from our beloved Prophet and his apostles.

I know these things are so true.

I miss you all and love you all

hope its warm where you are. cuz im cold.

Elder Soren :)

My trainer Elder Duano and Me

Conference lunch

short tie


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