Monday, March 24, 2014



       This week has been pretty tough, the whole district is in the middle of a trial of our faith. But that's okay because we know what we gotta do and how we can accomplish our goals.

       I don't have much time to write today but things have been good.  I'm learning a lot about the different leadership responsibilities and i've been realizing how this will benefit me in the future.

       One of these things is the "paper work" and keeping track of numbers and the missionaries investigators. But! its good practice for when I run my SRHI stores ;) managing everything haha its tedious but its good. I'm glad im learning these skills now so that when I get home things will be moving at such an accelerated pace because of the experiences here on the mission.
        The sun has been coming out more and I am able to wear short sleeves!  I forgot what the sun feels like on my skin!  I'm already starting to have a farmers tan! haha so bad. oh wells i'll get home and be just as dark as I was within 2 days of getting sunburnt lol. 

        This morning we went mountain biking/hiking it was crazy fun. I was strugggglling to get up to the top. but the way down was so awesome flying down the trail hitting branches and crashing.  It was a lot of fun, reminds me of all the crazy stuff we would do back home.  

         I'm so glad that I'm close to the mountains and the outdoors everything's beautiful up here.  It's always good to get out and explore and adventure, I need it to keep me sane. I feel like i'm indoors waaayyyy too much.

         The work has been great though, we have been finding a bunch of potential investigators and we're excited to see things start picking up. We have a goal for the whole district to baptize in April and we have faith that we can! but we need to work hard to!  Faith +  Works = Blessings, blessings, blessings. 

sorry I gotta peace out but I hope YALL are having a great week, been missing my aina!


Elder Soren  
Our District

Me & Elder Edwards

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